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# What is vitamin?
#How to use vitamin?
#Where is vitamin found?
#Body diseases by vitamin deficiency.
#Daily requirement of vitamins.
#How do vitamins work?
#Vitamins are the building blocks.
#Vitamins keep our bodies running.
#Vitamins help build muscle and bone.
#Vitamins capture energy, heal wounds and more.
#How do vitamins get into our system?
#Why vitamins are so crucial?
#What are water soluble vitamins and fat soluble vitamins?
#Where vitamins are stored in the body?

Are you having Gallstone issues? Just got off the phone with a friend who is scheduled for Gallstone surgery. Wish I could have talked with him six months ago.
Our Gall Bladder Formula ( sold at the Family Herb Shop ) has a long track record of helping people pass stones without surgery and part of the formula is to help clear up infection that often occurs when the Gallbladder is acting up.
We are led to believe that Gallbladder removal is simple and quick... it isn't and it's certainly not cheap. Even your part of the cost can upset the family budget. Call one of our staff at 423-843-1760 for more details.

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The Cold and flu are mostly harmless medical conditions which are not considered as serious illnesses, but they are also one of the top productivity killing health conditions due to the amount of rest required and almost a week long symptoms. 
The good news is, there are very easy and simple remedies as well as precautions that can not only help fight off a cold, but can also keep it at a safe distance. Listed are some very simple remedies and precautions that can really help.

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Miracle II Neutralizer, makes the claim that it is the Nature's Miracle for the Total Body. Sounds like an advertising over promise doesn't it ? That's what we thought ten years ago but this produce delivers on it's promise. Coming from a special mineral pit in La. it is a mixture of minerals and other complex organics that has had the molecules broken down with a high voltage Technic that allows total absorption and delivers these healthy natural minerals right into the cells of your body. Chiropractors and MD's all around the country usually recommend two ounces per day as a way to optimize health. Here at the store we have never had a negative reaction and always a testimony of more energy and a greater sense of wellness. 32 oz. for $ 17 but ask for a discount, even though the produce is worth more than the asking price       

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Millions of Americans have difficulty sleeping. For many they can get to sleep but wake up after an hour or two and can't go back to sleep. Others toss and turn throughout the night and wake up tired.
At the Family Herb Shop here on Hixson Pike we carry several natural sleep aids but SLEEP COMPLETE from Buried Treasure is hard to beat for quick action and good quality sleep all night long, leaving you rested and ready to take on the new day. Your satisfaction guaranteed!

This morning on CBS, Dr. Holly Phillips created doubt and fear concerning Homeopathic Medicines. Clearly she didn't know what she was talking about by saying that they are untested and could be dangerous. Homeopathic Medicine has a 200 year old history and fewer people have had reactions from them than they have from strawberries.
I took my training many years ago from a French Doctor and from his associates and have yet to see a negative reaction.
By contrast there is no doubt that prescription medicines are dangerous; all you have to do is read their own printed literature. The government and the AMA itself puts out data every year and its not pretty.
Now that I am 80 and have had heart valve failure I decided to follow the doctors prescriptions to the letter. For one thing the nurses bring a cup of pills and stand there and watch you take them. Another thing is that my family watches me like a hawk, " be sure and take all your medicine " so what the heck, I'm old enough to die and people expect an 80 year old man to walk around in a daze. I feel like I am playing Russian Roulette. I have cheated once. For two weeks I could get only about two hours sleep per night so I slipped in some Homeopathic medicine to gain an hour or two and now I'm up to 6 or so. The confusion goes on!

This time of the year many people are bothered by allergies and for some it is very debilitating. The good news is that we have several natural remedies, often with free samples that you can try. These remedies have no side effects but yet are very effective. Stop in let us show you the way to a low cost, safe way to beat the pollen season.

Have made many hospital visits in the last three months and must say I have never seen the health care system so over loaded. This often leads to more mistakes in patient care, in germ spreading and even in billing. Wise people have more motivation now than ever to stay healthy and to stay away from the medical system if at all possible.
We have been in the prevention end of health care for a long time and have many customers that haven't been to see a doctor in years. Thankfully the human body has a built in self healing system if it is given the right nutrients. It doesn't cost anything to stop in and look around, to ask questions, to weigh one approach against against another. Or call us at 432-843-1760

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Unnamed Waterfalls above polecat falls in Graysville, TN
Names are being decided.
These are not easy to get to Lots of Rock Climbing and Sliding and Falling to get to these.
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If you look around the Chattanooga area you will see many signs like this one. There are dozens of places that specialize in pain management and all have high overhead which leads to expensive treatment. You should also be aware that they are not always successful even though it is expensive and time consuming. We have many natural medicines that reduce pain and inflammation, formulas that work well for knee and hip pain and others that treat emotional stress. Why not stop in and talk to us before you take that expensive road and one that there is often no return from. There is no charge for consultation.  
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