((Open rp))
Crap...not good im in Lyoko now surrounded by a bunch of creepers fighting them while Xeno summons more of them I'm going to need some help

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Hello, how's it going. Haven't been on here in a while since my computer is getting looked at and I may not get it till Thursday or Friday and some other stuff is going on...Sooo I will be MIA for now πŸ˜› ~Nix
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Lyoko Warrior:
Name: Devlyn
Age: 19
Gender: male
Likes: books, games, friends and flirting when time is right
Dislikes: Xana, minions of Xana
Personality: quiet but will talk to his friends, kind, caring of others
Looks(human and virtual): blonde hair,blue eyes, white shirt with his favorite blue jacket. Lyoko armor of a dragon with eyes turned red
Weapon/power: battle axe with the ability of fire. Wings are only meant as transportation
Optional to add:
Bio: from a young age Devlyn has lived on his own. But one day was took in by a kind family and was given a chance to go to school. That's when he first saw Xana and wanted to stop it. So he joined up with the lyoko warriors to help defeat Xana
sexuality: straight
Crush: no one
Family: abandoned him
Friends: has none yetο»Ώ
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So what's the main idea of this place?

((open rp)) I was in my classroom grading papers when you walked up to me after class yes is there something I can help you with I asked looking at you looking up from the papers

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Name: Aelita belpois
Age: 33
Gender: female
Subject: computer coding
Likes: her family friends and nothing to do with xana
Dislikes: xana and those that are rude to her friends, family, students and her
Personality: caring and sweet
Looks: ((picture but more adult due to the time skip))
Bio: aelita was young when her and her father were trapped in lyoko to escape the government from seperating them and xana then took her father's life then later once the super computer was turned on twenty years ago she found help with what would be known as the original lyoko warriors and the brains of the group found a way to help her escape her virtual prison and after beating xana she started a relationship with jeremy and they turned off the supercomputer so twenty years later she and jeremy are happily married and is the new computer coding teacher with jeremy in different class rooms to make sure xana doesn't reimerge and is the aunt to trevor because of jeremy's side of the family
sexuality: straight
Family: jeremy belpois, trevor
Friends: odd yumi and ulrich

((open to the first to ask)) I was in my dorm alone thinking of a plan to beat xana before the next attack when I heard a knock on the door so I ask who is it

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Name: Xeno
Age: 18
Gender: male
Likes: defeating the enemy, controlling the monsters, playing/teasing his enemies
Dislikes: failing his "father", losing, bright colors, incompletion, going to class
Personality: quiet, quick to anger, deadly in battle, serious
Good or Bad: Bad
Looks human: white hair and yellow eyes, black zip-up hoodie with different dark colored shirts, and black jeans. Virtual: black shirt and pants with a red trench coat, black and red gloves and boots
Weapon: two guns with blades attached to them. Power:being able to go in and out of Lyoko whenever, and control over the creatures.
Bio: Xeno is xanas "son", he was created to help xana carryout his evil plans
Theme song: Synthetic (http://youtu.be/7gZ3nnP8xhA)
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((closed to +Shadow_ Girl)) we were both somewhat new friends and one day we noticed another xana attack so we went to the factory to deactivate the tower in the forest sector so once we virtualized in the sector we then were intercepted by some of xana's creatures so you said

((I couldn't add a picture due to restraints))
Name: Trevor
Age: 18
Gender: male
Likes: stopping xana's plans, helping those that can't help themselves, music, and films
Dislikes: xana, xana's forces and those that try to harm him and his friends also innocent ones
Personality: calm and a bit distant due to a past incident that occurred
Looks(human): brownish hair with ice grey eye color with a random colored short sleve shirts for different days and different cargo shorts for each day (virtual): a combination of both of ulrich's virtual outfits from both series
Weapon: two kitanas power: super sprint that allows a faster run allowing him to create after images and quick air based attacks and creativity that allows him to recreate certain obstacles to things that can be useful to the team
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