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Crystal Reiki

Not to be confused with the use of Crystals in a Reiki session, Crystal Reiki is using Reiki energy in combination with Crystal energies in a way not sustained in simply using crystals in a Reiki session.
Crystal Reiki has very specific crystals required for learning, and has its own set of symbols used to program the crystals in a session to the most specific energies and release those energies to you the client during the session.
Learning Crystal Reiki Will amplify your own natural power and abilities to work with crystals in a healing manner.
The first attunement you receive will help put away your ego or carnal self and open you up so that you may experience the right here and right now the actual moment as well as helping you to connect to the proper reality associated with this awakening of yourself.
The second attunement received within Crystal Reiki will help you to move forward to remove any obstacles standing in the way of your present journey this allows for you to become a clear channel for healing energy.
These attunement's allow for the static from your mind to subdue so your energy senses can become fully awakened again.
The third and final attunement received will have you opening as well as feeling your oneness with all other living things held within the universe. You may experience this connection within the universe evolving into complete unity of universal energies. By doing this you are allowing for your cosmic consciousness or higher self to be experienced and opened up.
Having a Crystal Reiki session is one of the most spectacular things as the Crystal Reiki practitioner (CRP) or Crystal Reiki Master (CRM) can program specific crystals to work with you down to the finest of details.
A session can help enhance your meditative states as well as Help you on your spiritual journey by helping open you further to your higher being.
Crystal Reiki I can be helpful in your own personal awareness as well as promoting communication with others but also within yourself. These sessions always help to stimulate self-love as well as awakening your own abilities to heal yourself. A good session should help relieve stress while encouraging relaxation. Crystal Reiki Will balance on all levels body, mind, and spiritually it will also help keep emotions in check the sessions can also be used to reduce pain and discomfort as well as to help relieve symptoms of disease within the body.

I hope this helps to give a better understanding of Crystal Reiki in a very general way as with anything Reiki Crystal Reiki cannot truly be defined were explained it must be experienced it must be felt!!
If you are wanting a crystal Reiki session or to start learning Crystal Reiki for yourself get a hold of me today and let's get you started on this fabulous journey!!! 💚💚💚💚🌻🌻🌻🌻😊😊😊
Dare To be different, dare to be you, and dare to learn to love yourself unconditionally!!!

Renette MP, HP, CRMT

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