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Name Yuuji Wilds

Age 17

Gender Male

Likes To rap, games, Friends

Dislikes everything else

Relationship Status In a relationship with the girl in this image

Bio A boy that is a tad shy but love's his family and girlfriend and likes to make new friends.

I'm the boy in this image.

Hi uhh I'm new here so here I go (goes to the class room)

Name: Draco
Age: 20
Classes: math social studies science English music art P. E.
To-be: ???
Likes: animals music art culture History and Science
Dislikes: Math at times cause she can't get most questions right and it's hard for her
Looks: a purple straight haired person who has a black jacket an old school shirt 2 golden bracelets earnings a cross necklace and white headphones
Gender: Female
Realtives: she doesn't have any
relationship: Single
Personality: kind hearted tough strong sometimes can't stand up for herself mean if you mess with her friends never gives up
Hobbies: drawing singing
Bio: ???

- waits for Mikkey -

Mikkey is with Zack in his dorm just chatting.. Zach can i tell you something (Open for +Christopher Williams )

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mikkey walks in the halls trying to stay in the shadows ,  Carrying a letter, *   (isk im bored

"Well, we're here." - Zach opens door -

- Zach sits alone (yet again) in the library, reading a book - "Whatcha Readin' there?" - Zach nearly jumps out of his skin and turns to see....


I've decided my to-be is a comediean.

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English, science, P.E, Martial Arts.
Age: 16
Height: 5'9
Gender: Male
To-Be: Undetermined
Relatives: Orphan (Unknown)
Relationship status: Single (Open, ladies. ;])
Personality: Scratchy, hard to get to know, a smart mouth, semi-sad, funny, and nice. Ish. #anime  
Problems/Conditions: Unless loneliness counts, none.
Hobbies: Gaming, hanging out, and most of all, EATING!
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