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Wanna Be Famous?

The World’s First Global Interactive Talent Contest

For the first time ever……
there is an international award to be given to the most famous newcomer on the entire planet, elected by the audience in thousands of 1-on-1 battles vs. other contestants.

THE CONTEST will run for 12 months, starting July 1, 2013 and ending June 2014 with the big final live show in Las Vegas.

Every month (10 months) we will nominate the MOST FAMOUS TALENT in each category, based on the votes of the audience.

The monthly winners are automatically qualified for the final rounds in May 2014.

THE RADIO SHOWS will be held at MOST FAMOUS FM, our own online radio station, starting August 1, 2013. 

We will broadcast 24/7 the best voted songs from our contest and listeners will be able to control the playlists.

When you like a song you can directly download it for a small fee.

THE TV SHOWS will be held at MOST FAMOUS TV, our own online TV station, starting August 1, 2013. 

We will broadcast 24/7 the best voted videos from our contest and you can choose between different channels.

By liking the videos you automatically support your favorite artists.

THE AWARDS will be given to the monthly winners of each category. The winners will be determined in thousands of 1-vs-1 battles where the judges are actually, the audience.

Every month we will grant the monthly MOST FAMOUS TALENT AWARD in each category, based on the votes of the audience.

THE LIVE SHOW will take place in June 2014 in Las Vegas where we will present the MOST FAMOUS AWARDS to our main contest winners. 

The overall winner, the MOST FAMOUS TALENT 2014, will present songs from their brand new album live on stage to the world.

The show will be broadcast live.

There are 4 CATEGORIES in which to participate: singers female, singers male, duos and groups/bands.

You need to be at least 14 years old to participate. Gates are open for pre-registration now and starting June 15, 2013 you will be able to set up your profile page.

Become Famous NOW!

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New Year – New Opportunities – New Stars

New Beginnings – New Friends

More Caring

More Sharing

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Wednesday May 22, 2013

The Launch of our Special Project!


May 22, 2013 we are going to launch our project to the world, our very own global interactive talent contest, I Wanna Be Famous! The world’s first interactive global talent contest where contestants compete in 1,000’s of one on one battles where the audience votes for the winners. This first contest will be open for singers, songwriters, and bands. As we grow, we will add more talent categories.

  For the first time ever, contestants will also be able to earn money as we bring their songs and music to radio and TV all across the globe!

  The main winner will perform a live concert of their new album or music produced by one of the top contacts in the music industry in Las Vegas, Nevada USA! That’s right we have partnered with a top US record label, more details on this will follow.

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