Pondering making Lisianthus its own "Micro-Grid" thanks to Fred's Dreamworld installer. I've managed to get the installation working and so far so good on several things. Right now it will be used for testing purposes and such, while the OSGrid Lisianthus will remain up. Address: http://lisianthus.ddns.net:8002.

Back, and I can at least somewhat successfully operate via hypergrid.

I thought my inability to load OSgrid Lisianthus was all the fault of my 600k/sec broadband. Then I discovered a bank of RAM had been slowly failing. When I yanked the DIMM out, I discovered I could load the sim in reasonable time. I'd expect to be able to play and build.

Oh yes, we've moved to OSGrid now, and you can find us at: hg.osgrid.org:80:Lisianthus

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And while we are busy rebuilding Lisianthus, I popped over to ViBel Grid for a spot of roleplay among the gorgeous ElvenWoods...
The air tasted somewhat forlorn and although the majesty of Celeborn and Galadriel's realm was still evident, the mossy forest scent told tales of the decay of the Golden Woods since the Elves who had dwelt there returned to the West.
Elbereth was grateful for the stillness and memories of dancing and feasting as the moonshine pierced the leafy canopy overhead elevated her spirits.
She missed Galadriel dearly, the Lady of Lorien had been generous with her knowledge and time and Elbereth had learnt most of what she knew of Middle Earth from her.

She had fled Tavrobel.
True, she had consulted her scrying waters to be certain that Tirion's return from the Shire was only a matter of hours away, but then she had fetched her horse and headed eastward at speed. She let out a sob. The encounter with the Woodland King had left her bewildered and she had sought out the tranquility of Lothlorien.
Telvolas had left her and returned to Dorthonion, but he was awaiting her response and demanding she acknowledge that which bound them...

She buried her face in the warm coat of the impressive stallion beside her, her brow creased with anxiety... How long did she still have? Which path should she take? Why had this happened to her at all?
Elbereth sighed, maybe coming here had not been such a good idea... the fading of the Elves could be felt strongly among these blessed trees and they whispered softly to her that any guidance from Galadriel was irrevocably lost.

(Photo taken @ the glorious WesLorien's ElvenWoods: grid.vibel.eu:8002:WesLorien)

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Sweet Tavrobel fades into the Mysts... at least this version of it! I shall miss it.

Lisianthus in Kitely will be back online From Aug 24 to Aug 30

My RL work project will be ending on Aug 23, and I am making plans to put Lisianthus in Kitely back online so I can begin the move over to our sim in OSGrid. This would be the ideal time for members to move their content over accordingly.

I would work on making copies rather than simply taking the objects into your inventory, however, the choice is up to you.

If things go well, Lisianthus in Kitely will close Aug 31. If things don't work out in OSGrid, we can always come back.


Hi folks! We're going to have the sim go offline during the month of August since many of us are getting quite busy this summer. This will allow us to save a little money and take a little breather. I haven't given up on Lisianthus yet, but I think this is a good time for a break as my RL work will resume during much of August too and thus I won't have a lot of free time! Hugs and love, it'll be September before you know it!

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Not all that seems loathsome, is of evil ilk
What is lovely, makes no promise of good
Cloven hoof may be found with skin like milk
All is not evil in that darkling wood.
(Diana K. Sherrard-Nichols)

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“I have spread my dreams under your feet.
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”
{W.B. Yeats}

Orlaith is in a funk, where neither the comfort of past revelry or the dew-fresh blooms of summer can shake her black mood...
Lisianthus: grid.kitely.com:8002:Lisianthus
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What a night! The full moon brings out the best in the Woodland Elves!
Find out who was there and what went on hier:


Visit Lisianthus: grid.kitely.com:8002:Lisianthus
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