Lunar was walking around taking people souls and killing them by their own flesh and blood as she keep walking her phone started to ring and answer her phone and her master was yelling at her and told her that she getting punish

"Okay master ill be their"

She flies back to her master house and lands inside and sigh and her master tell her to turn around as she did and her ass got whip and moans


Name: neo
: 16
Slave: +Candy Mint​ (Love you beautiful)

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Name: vakama Martinez
Age: 16
Gender: male
Skave: +Candy Mint​ (Love you sweetie)
Likes: having fun with +Candy Mint
Dislikes: people touching +Candy Mint

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Name: Candy Mint
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Master +Vakama Martinez
Likes: to play around and have fun
Dislike: people talking shit about me and being touch

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+Ashura Knight​ wanna join in on this
+Gamzee Makara​ hehe
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