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Lol this is so true...

((+Jacqueline Leo?))
Angie is walking to class when someone catches up to her, walking beside her

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Fandom: maze Runner
Name: Angelina
Nicknames: Angel, Angie, Lina
Age: 16
Gender: f
Group: A
Job: 2nd in command/runner(/occasionally med-jack)
Personality: friendly, caring, brave, kind, impulsive, fierce, really fast, agile, strong, headstrong, intelligent
Appearance: pictures
Likes: Newt, her brother Zach, running in general, singing, reading, drawing, dancing
Dislikes: Gally, Maze, Grievers, WICKED
Crush/BF/GF: Newt
Bio: I don't remember anything other than my brother
Other: from Ireland so has an Irish accent
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Name:Jennifer Herondale
Weapons:Sword and her stele
Bio:She is Jace's twin sister. She knew her surname,though.
Personality:She is kind and thoughtful. She is not sarcastic,unlike her brother Jace.

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My pics for Jennifer.
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Name: Sophia Grace
Age: 16
Height: 5.10
Demigod Siblings: Thalia and Jason Grace
Gender: Female
Godly Parent: Zeus
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Personality: Fun, energetic and caring
Likes: Singing, dancing and fighting!
Dislikes: Animal abuse and snobby people
Strengths: Fighting and killing monsters
Weaknesses: Falling for boys
Powers: Controling lighting and manipulate wind
Greek demigod!
Fandom: Percy Jackson
Pets: Cat, Twilight and Pegaus, Shimmer
Fatal Flaw: My use of power. Like my sister I lose my temper pretty quickly so!
Worst fear: Heights
Bio: Me and Thalia ran away! We meet Luke, Annabeth and Grover. After my sister died I went to find Jason. I found him and when I got back Thalia was dieing. Well her tree was anyway! Me, Percy, Annabeth, Tyson, Grover and Clarisse went to find the golden fleece. She was brought back to life and joined the hunters. I was devastated because that meant my sister was going to be gone quite a lot. Jason visits every now and then. I mainly hang out with Annabeth and Clarisse now!

We can make our own characters right?

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Damn okay! Hi! I really hate that this community almost died and my changed of profile made me forgot about this one. Which is why I will modify it completely. If this doesnt work i will delete this community amd start all over again. I dont know what do yuo guys think? I need your opinion! Specially yours +Skye Graymark
Thanks and sorry!
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