We all have a dream of being great but excuses limit our chance of surviving.the population of people living in isle most of the time they think and dream and fantasize about all the things they are going to do."someday" and who are they surrounded by on someday isle?
Other people on someday isle,
And what is chief topic of conversation on someday isle?Excuses! They sit around and swap excuses for being on the island.why are you here? they ask each other.not surprising their excuses are largely the same:
"i dont have happy childhood,"
"i didnt get a good education,"
"my boss is really critical",
"i dont have money",
"my marriage is no good",
"no one appreciates me",
"The economy is terrible",
They have have come down with disease of "excusities",
Which is invariable fatal to success!
They all have good intention,but as everyone knows, "the road to hell is pave with good intention".
The first rule to success is simple
no more excuses! do it or don't do it but don't make excuses.

Stop using your incredible brian to think up elaborate rationalizations and justification for not taking action.DO SOMETHING,DO ANYTHING.
get on with it!
repeat it to yourself: "if it's to be,it's up to me!"


Online versus offline marketing: I had an interesting conversation with someone offline today, who is bootstrapping her way through start up. To date, all her marketing efforts have been offline and proving very successful. I'm reminded that we can't afford to be narrow minded with our marketing efforts.  Get out there and network in person. Court clients the old fashioned way - a quick chat and a coffee.  What do you think? M

With so much talk about start-up loans and small biz funding initiatives, I wonder, how many business owners really know how to access them - and indeed make the effort to do so?  I recently took a quick poll among my community members, and the answer was an astonishing "no".  More worryingly was the response that they  wouldn't bother to try, even if they did know how to.  Why do you think that is? M

[Building Customer Relationships and Engaging Communities]

I'm giving a talk on building customer relationships & engaging communities on Thursday at a PR & Marketing conference, I've got the speech written, but I'm wondering are there any examples that I'm not aware of that would be useful to add into it. 

So my questions to you is...

Are there any businesses that you're a customer of that has developed a strong customer relationship with you?

Is there a business that you're actively involved in (a community) that they've created? (on or offline)

Do you take notes with words or images? 

What an excellent idea for a community. Thanks for inviting me +Stefan Töpfer  I look forward to participating.  best regards, M
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