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Name: Seikekira
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Race Foxtail
Lvl. 90
Guild: None but is in a group/party called "The Circle"
Play Style: Quick and Casual
Class: Swashbuckler
 -Class Build: Dual-Swords
Subclass: Avenger
Personality In Combat: She plays it cool while in battle and rarely freaks out, shes barely overconfident nor does she show off. If she feels like taking it easy or like it's an unfair fight she'll just let them try to hit her while she just dodges the attacks and, every once in a while, takes a swipe at them. She does like using magic so she uses all the items she can to boost her MPS higher and even though she's not an assassin she does try some stealth when she feels it necessary. Though be careful not to mess with her freinds, and try to avoid killing them, especially in front of her.
Appearance: Red Hair, Ruby Red Eyes, Black Shirt, Grey Hooded Travelling Cloak, Blue Pants, Hidden Dagger Sheath((for one of the throwing daggers to be used as a normal dagger)), Left-Side Katanna Sheath, Right-Sided Rapier Sheath, and Throwing Dagger Container/Sheath
Additional Info: Can and will fight with bare hands if forced to.
Combat stats w/out either weapons:
 DPS: 253
 SPD: 315
 MPS: 173
 HPS: 579
Combat stats while using 1/2 swords:
 DPS: 720 w/50 percent chance of SPD and DFS debuff poison effect on enemies
 SPD: 825
 MPS: 971
Combat stats while using 1/2 swords:
 DPS: 720 w/50 percent chance of SPD and DFS debuff poison effect on enemies
 SPD: 825
 MPS: 971
Combat stats w/both swords:
 DPS: 1,440 w/50 percent chance of SPD and DFS debuff poison effect on enimies
 SPD: 1,650
 MPS: 1,796
Combat stats w/throwing/non-throwing daggers:
 DPS: 752 w/40 percent chance of poisoning enemy
 SPD: 898
 MPS: 894 w/60 percent chance of blindness effect on enemies
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I hope to see some profiles by the end of tommorow

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Name: Nicholas McCallen
Level: 90
Race: half alv
Class: Enchanter
Subclass: Scribe
((NOTE: skills and abilities dont need to be listed, as in Log Horizon all you have to do is use it, just keep in mind that you need to have limits.))
Guild: None (affiliate of the Fragile Guild CatScrawl)
Playstyle: Strategist
Information: Nick is a young man who recently graduatef highschool, and then was seperated from the US armed forces. He got trapped in the game with the other players. Before he was a well known and even feared strategist and leader of CatScrawl, a group of playerd who never entered a guild but associated together and ran through most of the games raids.
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OMG! I totally 4got about this show, but now I remember! I used to love it! XD... I wounder what happened.
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