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Name: bumblebee
full Name: dragon lab project bumblebee reborn
race: cybertornian
other race: predacon
age: child
gender: male
ability type: speed and fast healing
altmode: wingless dragon
family and creator: +Arthur Kingsmen 
powers: breathe fire and other elements earth and water and electricity and ice breath

bumble was a normal autobot until one fateful actsendent that put him into danger and it killed him almost too . only his spark and cpu brain survived and his dad is arthur kingsmen who just happen to found the parts of bumblebee and remade him into a predacon using shockwave's notes in shockwave's old lab on earth and then bumblebee became a predacon and he hatched out of an egg his spark and brain cpu were in and he has a new body as a dragon autobot predacon and is really clingy to Arthur kingsmen his father.
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