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go 4 Thailand

It's hard to say goodbye, but XF Zurich turns it into a party.
our esteemed agent go4it leaves us soon, so we had a great party with him yesterday, on October 13th. All the best for your future +Candid Aeby! We will miss you.

For the goodbye of Candid and the Glyphchallenge committed agents draw a green Res and a blue Enl Glyph today. Great job!

#GlyphChallenge #Ingress #Niantic #XFlove #XFZüri #becausewecan #morethanagame #IngressFamily

Green Glyph (Res)
Blue Glyph (Enl)

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Hi guys! As a lot of people already know, we've changed the Global XF-CC chat a bit, to help with bots and spammers. This is the link for the XF-CC lobby. Follow the directions once you join the chat, and let us know if you would also like any other XF-CC chapter (country) chats, and we will process you from there. 💙💚

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Tout comme on ne demandera pas à une personne qui se fait harceler sur son lieu de travail de quitter son job.
Tout comme on ne demandera pas à une personne à qui on a mis des mains aux fesses d'arrêtrer de porter des jupes.
On ne peut pas me demander de quitter mon jeu, ma communauté et les amis que je m'y suis fait.
Il faut bannir l'expression "ce n'est qu'un jeu". Le jeu est le lieu de ce harcèlement, il en est le théâtre et n'en est pas moins important que s'il se passait au bureau.
Les insultes sont les mêmes, la pression est la même.

Un mec, qui n'est pas de mon quartier...même pas de ma ville, se déplace exprès chez moi, se planque parfois 5 heures dans un bar en bas de chez moi pour m'envoyer des notifications à intervalles réguliers.
Aussi méthodiquement que régulièrement, ce type se déplace expressément pour faire sonner mon téléphone toutes les 10 minutes pendant plusieurs heures.

D'après un témoin "ça le fait marrer", "il ne voit pas le problème" même une fois le problème exposé. Très bien, il en tire apparemment un vrai plaisir pervers.

Donc, c'est un pervers et un harceleur qui me raille et tente de me discréditer quand on lui explique ce qu'impliquent ses agissements.
Il y a 2 ans c'était effectivement bien pire: j'avais changé de faction et nombre de joueurs ont voulu faire payer "la trahison de la transfuge", cela paraissait normal et accepté de tous.
Jusqu'au moment où certains de leur propre faction ont simplement arrêté le jeu: même à leur yeux ils allaient trop loin contre moi.

Depuis un an, j'ai essayé de suivre les conseils à l'instar des fameux 3 singes « Ne pas voir le Mal, ne pas entendre le Mal, ne pas dire le Mal»
Malgré cela, un joueur continue à me harceler. J'ai beau prendre sur moi et ne pas montrer que ça me touche, inlassablement, avec le même sadisme régulier, il jouit à m’inonder de notifications...non, le silence ne marche pas...pas avec lui, au contraire il en profite pour écraser quelqu'un qui ne se débat pas chaque fois davantage.

Hier, fut la goutte d'eau, la fois de trop. Ma team me soutien, mes amis de toujours également, mais malgré ça il est difficile d'encaisse le flot de haine qui a suivit ma rébellion.

On m'insulte, me calomnie, me décrédibilise...j'ai fait savoir sur le jeu que ça ne pouvait durer, que j'allais porter plainte, c'est alors que le flot de haine s'est décuplé.
J'essaye de tenir bon, de rester droite, d'oublier mon mal au ventre face à la situation.

Je me rends compte qu'il est confortable de faire l'autruche, comme je me rends bien compte qu'il est facile d'insulter derrière son écran, mais je me rends surtout hélas compte à quel point il est socialement compliqué de faire la démarche de porter plainte.

Pourtant, malgré les pressions, le discrédit dont certains m'affligent à cause de cela, porter plainte est la seule action qui fera avancer les choses.

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I think that's worth reading ...
+Ingress +Anne Beuttenmüller +Andrew Krug +Niantic Project +Niantic +Nadia Amro +Ethan Lepouttre +November Lima

Suddenly, one night...

Ingress has been so many things in the last five years. It’s been game and it’s been pain. It’s been a way to discover many beautiful people around me, and also led me to learn that bad people are bad also when it comes to “just a game”. I’m not even trying to classify my Ingress experience as good or bad, it’s been definitely intense and rich, and I’m happy with this.
Rome is a peculiar town. It is in real life, always suspended between a glorious past and a bright future, between good and bad, left and right, Vatican and Italy, Roma and Lazio. Everything here seems to force you to take sides, in a way. And Ingress wasn’t different. A very “political” vision of the game eventually led to a strong contrast between factions and a bitter contraposition of groups within the same faction.
Over the last year, many people quit playing or dramatically reduced their game activity, mainly due to a real impossibility to enjoy the game experience without having to become involved in foolish controversies.
Our little story is about a bunch of such people. People from either faction who enjoyed Ingress at its purest level, a game of getting around, meeting people, making friends, and maybe fielding. People who were sick and tired of all the meaningless quarrels. People who happened to meet for a beer, just to talk about the good old days, when fielding was just fun, looking at Ingress as something belonging to the past. And then, night after night, beer after beer, the magic of those tales of long gone days dug its way through their hearts, and all of a sudden Ingress was no longer confined to the domain of memories.
We thought it would be fantastic to come back to fielding, and at the same time to remind everyone that you could do that without hating anyone, without seeing anyone as an enemy. Therefore, we came up with a wonderfully symbolic crosslayered multifield. In other words, a multilayer designed to have green and blue layers one over the other. Just to see what color it would look like, and to feel that joy once more.
The field was placed on portals that have an historical value for both factions, and was made of an amazing 25 layers, 13 green and 12 blue (Resistance had the last, slightly larger layers, so we thought Enlightened should have one layer more), for a total of circa 2.5 million MUs. No Smurfs and no Frogs were harmed during the process, as we paid attention to have a 0 impact on existing fields in order not to alter the cells’ score.
The operation was carried out on the night of June, 29. We drove around on a rainy night, feeling that feeling again, RES and ENL in the same car, remembering that THIS is Ingress, pure joy, beyond the borders of any faction or group. Being certain that if we all restarted from there, Ingress could be a wonderful place once more.
Participants were @Agelena (who also drew the project), @SisterJude, @Pastry_Queen, @Alt3r3dStat3, @memolik, @Florentina88m, @TheEgorosReturn, @BigBossWar, @MrSquareWar and @AmadeoBordiga.

It deserves nothing more than a very brief mention at the end. Of course, the fields were destroyed a few hours later by one of those groups, no matter the faction, who claim Ingress is theirs and feel entitled to judge what has or hasn’t the right to exist. No problem, they can take down our fields while muttering their rage to each other, but they can’t take away from us a night of laughter and fun. We own Ingress now.

Una notte, all'improvviso...

Ingress è stato molte cose negli ultimi 5 anni. È stato gioco ed è stato dolore. È stato un modo per scoprire molte belle persone intorno a me, ma mi ha anche portato a capire che la gente cattiva è cattiva anche quando si tratta di "solo un gioco". Non voglio neanche provare a classificare come buona o cattiva la mia esperienza di Ingress, è stata decisamente intensa e ricca e io sono contento così.
Roma è una città particolare. Lo è nella vita reale, sempre sospesa fra un passato glorioso e un futuro radioso, tra bene e male, destra e sinistra, Vaticano e Italia, Roma e Lazio. Tutto qui sembra quasi costringerti a schierarti da una parte o dall'altra. E Ingress non è stato diverso. Una visione molto "politica" del gioco ha portato fatalmente a forti contrasti tra fazioni e ad un'amara contrapposizione di gruppi all'interno della stessa fazione.
Nell'ultimo anno, molta gente ha smesso di giocare o ha ridotto drasticamente la propria attività di gioco, principalmente a causa dell'impossibilità di godersi l'esperienza di gioco senza finire invischiati in stupide controversie.
La nostra piccola storia ha come argomento proprio un gruppetto di queste persone. Gente da ambedue le fazioni che amava Ingress al suo livello più puro, un gioco in cui si va in giro, si incontra gente, si fanno amicizie, e forse si fielda. Gente che era stufa marcia di dispute senza senso. Gente che quasi per caso ha cominciato a incontrarsi per una birra, così, per parlare dei bei tempi andati, quando fieldare era tutto divertimento, e per guardare a Ingress come a un qualcosa appartenente al passato. E poi, sera dopo sera, birra dopo birra, la magia di questi racconti dei giorni andati ha saputo farsi breccia fino ai loro cuori, e all'improvviso Ingress non era più confinato al dominio dei ricordi.
Abbiamo pensato che sarebbe stato meraviglioso tornare a fieldare, e al contempo ricordare a tutti che si può farlo senza odiare nessuno. senza dover vedere un nemico in nessuno. Quindi, abbiamo escogitato un multifield a strati incrociati, dalla valenza meravigliosamente simbolica. In altre parole, un multistrato disegnato per avere strati verdi e blu uno sopra l'altro. Giusto per vedere di che colore sarebbe uscito, e per sentire quella gioia ancora una volta.
Il field è stato collocato su portali storicamente significativi per entrambe le fazioni, e consisteva nella stupefacente quantità di 25 layer, 13 verdi e 12 blu (la Resistenza ha avuto gli ultimi layer, leggermente più grandi, e quindi abbiamo pensato che gli Illuminati dovessero avere un layer in più) per un totale di circa 2,5 milioni di MU. Nessun puffo e nessuna rana è stata maltrattata durante le operazioni, dato che abbiamo badato ad avere impatto zero sui field esistenti per non alterare il punteggio della cella.
L'operazione è stata eseguita nella notte del 29 giugno. Abbiamo guidato qua e là durante una notte di pioggia, sentendo quella sensazione di nuovo, RES e ENL nella stessa macchina, ricordando che QUESTO è Ingress, pura gioia, oltre i confini delle fazioni e dei gruppi. Certi che se tutti noi fossimo ripartiti da questo, Ingress poteva essere di nuovo un posto meraviglioso.
I partecipanti sono stati @Agelena (who also drew the project), @SisterJude, @Pastry_Queen, @Alt3r3dStat3, @memolik, @Florentina88m, @TheEgorosReturn, @BigBossWar, @MrSquareWar and @AmadeoBordiga.

Non merita più di una breve menzione alla fine. Naturalmente, poche ore dopo, i field sono stati distrutti da uno di quei gruppi, non importa la fazione, che sostengono che ingress sia roba loro e di avere titolo per giudicare cosa abbia o non abbia il diritto di esistere. Nessun problema, possono distruggere i nostri field mentre mugugnano l'un l'altro la loro rabbia, ma non possono distruggere una notte di risate e divertimento. Ingress ora è nostro.
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15% off with Code: FAB15 for three days! :))
Now: Three days with 15% off and new motives uploaded

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Now uploaded the country flags.
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Have a nice day! Yours Xf-CC Team

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This is our non-profit shop with the latest designs for XF-CC lovers.
All proceeds from commissions go 1: 1 in free swag, like XF-CC missionday cards or help-seeking XF-CC members.

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QR-Code made with shorturl TinyURL for your coming designs and use...

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The mural sure looks nice early spring!

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It's finally here! The XF-CC Mission Adventure 2018
Hi Agents, hello XF-CC friends, juhu cross-factioneers!

2018 is a great year for XF-CC Europe, and today we finally can lift the secret of the weekend Friday 29th of June till Sunday 1st of July! This year is the first for us to host a proper XF-CC Meeting, and we're really so, so excited already :)))

Imagine: guided mission banner tours in the nearby play zones like the beautiful Utrecht, NL, during the Weekend. .. A cross faction adventure weekend! Missions created by @DaiyaDawn and featuring @vreezy! Barbecue and more than enough beer, workshops for those interested, or just sit together at a bonfire discussing ingress and non ingress-related stuff in relaxed atmosphere with fun people. Surprises. And maybe, just maybe, even with a very special guest attending..

What relaxed atmosphere? Now for the best part - we organized a complete camping site including a house with big sleeping rooms for the weekend.. that whole thing will feel more like a festival than a mere ingress related meet-and-greet, latest when having a beer at the bonfire :)

Places are limited - so hurry up, come and join the XF-CC Mission Adventure 2018 featuring XF Bannerday 2018 on Saturday by filling the form mentioned in the FAQ!

For more information and/or socializing try one (or all) of the many options:

Telegram News Channel

Telegram Social Channel

G+ Community


- how about costs?
Sleeping on-site is 5€ per night/person (own tent or big dorm without beds - please bring bedroll and camping mat)
Barbecue will be 13€ per person and night, soft drink included
Breakfast 4€ per person and morning, coffee/tea included (more details in the registration form)

- You said beer.. What about beer??
0,33 for 1€ :) Same goes for Soft Drinks as well, case someone is interested.

- is sleeping on-site a requirement for participating?
Of course not! It's strongly recommended, though.. after all- BEER! And fun people! If you prefer more privacy, there's of course lots of hotels in Utrecht

- I can only come one night, what do I do?
Come over! You stay one night, you only pay one night - and we'd love to see you even if you cannot attend all weekend :)

- how about Swag??
Guys, this is an XF-CC event, what are you thinking?? Visit our Swag-Shop to get your favorite design and piece!

- I'm so very in, where do I register?!
Easy, just fill out the form:

- I have more questions!
Not a problem! Feel free to contact @Domfire, @Sv3nvs or @DasHaku in Telegram, we'll do our best to help out :)

- this FAQ is really short..
Ask questions, so we can add answers :) This is work in progress!
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