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I really hope you enjoy the novels I write.
You can just read them or you can RP with them

there was a father named "Jonathon" with his daughter "Lillian". they went everywhere for adventures. so, today was Lillian's birthday. she had turned 13. for her thirteenth birthday, her and her dad went to Niagara Falls. they went to Niagara Falls on that day. so, them looking at the amazing waters, Lillian saw a nice lad. his name was, "Jeffery".  Jeffery loved amazing days like this. he had light brown hair, with green eyes. this caught Lillian's attention. Jonathon introduces himself to Jeffery and he does the same. Jeffery seemed like young lad. so Jeffery's parents offered dinner with Lillian and Jonathon. they all had a amazing time. Jeffery asked Jonathon can Lillian sleep over for the night. It was allowed. so Jonathon went home, Jeffery and Lillian went to his house. they danced, they drew, they played, and they ate. the romance moment grew bigger, they were so close to each other. then the magic moment happened, they kissed. the kiss was so amazing and passionate. then they drifted to sleep. the next day, Lillian woke up to make breakfast for everyone. her cooking made everyone wake up to a delightful scent. the bacon, so crispy. the eggs scrambled. the pancakes so golden and perfect. everyone can running down stairs. the food was done. she had set out plates and cups. she poured orange juice in the cups. everyone sat down and ate. Jonathon knocks on the door to see how Lillian's doing. the mother of Jeffery's mom's name was "Julia" and her husband's name was "Christopher". Jonathon ate. then they had went the park. after that long day, everyone went home and went to sleep

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one Tuesday morning on a palm beach I wake up. I scratched my head and breathed in. then I exhaled, I walked along the beach. the waters crystal clear and the sun shining off the water. I sit down for a break. after awhile, I take a long nap. after that nap, I keep walking while the sun is setting. I smile lightly and I find pineapples. "YES!" I shouted with joy. I climbed the tree and got a couple of pineapples finish the rest
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