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All right, I believe it's time to Purge.

Anyone who does not seem to be active or does not want to be active should leave.

Let's attract new rpers too

~ Shiorin

Would anyone like to do a Batman role play? I can really only rp here, this is open!!

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definitely repost

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mee :P
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Character sheet
Name: Megitsune
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Type: Fire and Ice Demon Proxy
Weapons: Any mele weapon that can be made out of fire and ice, mainly uses scythes and kunai knives
Crush: ???
Looks: Long red hair and blue eyes (humanoid Demon form) (Artic wolf form) white fur and blue eyes
Backstory: Fire and Ice Demon Princess of hell, her parents died when she was 4. That was the last time she had seen uncles Slenderman, Offenderman, Splendorman, and Trenderman. After the funeral, Zalgo took her back to Hell and started treating her like his own niece, all for his personal gain. Years later, after turning 17, she left Hell and went to Slenderman's mansion and seeked cover from her "uncle" Zalgo.
Weakness: Being submerged under water without easy access to air, and Dingleberry (I know, dumb and not creative name...) poison, that would normally cause a victim to sleep if injected into the blood stream, but this posion is more likely to kill me rather than make me sleep.
(I really hope that this is a sufficent character sheet, sorry if it isn't)
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Looking for batman Roleplayers on kik. I have various starters and I am also okay with doing a DC Marvel crossover. Send me an email, kik me, or reply if interested
My kik is sixxsyxsiix

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If you have seen "If I Stay" then you can do the if I stay rp with me I will be the girl that ends up in a coma. Just looking for a male to play the male role.
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It was a hard life living on the pirate ship, being the wife of the captains, you were always being awed by the people at different stops, there was another reason because of that. She was the former princess, that ran away with a pirate and never coming back to her own kingdom again. But being the captains wife did come with some good parts, she got to have you by her side an your protect, and your love. The last place the ship had stopped was cold and windy, and Rose had gotten a bad cold once they left, she was stuck in bed the min they got back onto the ship, she sat up straight as you smiled looking towards her red cheeks, she sneezes into her arm and crosses her arms pouting when you..

Males needed
No one liners
2+ lines please
Willing to repost
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Name: Maddoc

AGE: 118

Bio: Shapeshifter, wizard, cook. no one really knows what he looks like. He wanders from place to place, is fairly friendly and patient.
Strengths: Takes up the powers of whatever form he is in, great cook, conversationalist, and navigator.
Weaknesses: His method of tranforming or "shifting requires his body to undergo breaking bones snapping tendons and stretching muscles etc, leaving him vulnerable in the process and a few seconds afterwards.
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