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Hi, Here is a short video with 5 conversations. Students have to choose the missing line from 4 choices. This could be a good exercise in your online class or you can assign it for homework and explain the conversations later to your students. A transcript will be uploaded on our website soon along with our other videos:

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New video on using Global Issues as themes for communicative English teaching:

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How to Teach Listening to ESL/EFL Students
Here is a funny, entertaining video with tips for how to teach listening skills to EFL and ESL students.

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 READING   ENGLISH                               (    by   'Gnanee'    )
Reading  is the  most important,  powerful,  and  potential
skill,  in  English Language  !
There is a fact,  which  we all know ..
But,  we do not know,  that  we actually know  it  !
The fact that  we know but do not know that we know  is  -
'The benefits and advantages of reading are incredible  !'
Through reading,  we can improve our  spelling accuracy  !
Through reading,  we can grasp the  meaning of various words  !
Reading helps us enhancing our  vocabulary  !
Reading brings a  clarity in our pronunciation  !
Reading,  to some extent,  even teaches us  grammar  !
By reading practice,  we can also learn  punctuation  !
Reading enables us to improve our  writing  !!
A consistent and regular  habit/activity of reading,
helps us to learn and improve  English,  at our own  !!
To know more details,  please visit:

Hi friends a teacher is always looking for new experiences try some of them!
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