Hai everyone, noobie here ^^ I'm seeking to Train with the most experienced. If its ok that I may introduce my character to all. Her name is Twileigh ,She's a unique saiyan and was born on Vegeta-Sei. Half Albino/ Snow saiyan, has pale skin, silver eyes and a long mane that's white as snow. She's extremely shy and fears dark saiyans (Absalonian) with a passion. During her travels after living on a certain planet when she narrowly escaped the death of her home world , she has encountered Absalonians in her travels and had a terrifying experience since. She's 4" 3 in height along with a strange ability to freeze. Twileigh doesn't know yet to sense ki and isn't fully trained to self defense. It'll be great if someone could train her for the better ^^, hope I didn't went too far in introduction o.o'

State below  which character you would like to be.

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