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I just pushed the latest version of worldcoinj (v0.13.3) on !

It's not as up-to-date as the latest bitcoinj version but it should work well enough for your projects. Also in theory you can use the new Worldcoin testnet for your tests; if it doesn't connect ask me and I'll give you an IP to add manually.

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I installed Worldcoin Wallet HD ( on BlueStacks ( and it works very well! I am seriously giving some thoughts to a full blockstore App version instead or in addition to the javaFX version. Comments?

Worldcoin Wallet HD has been pushed to Beta testers and everything looks set for a release this weekend.

I will be using a different package name (Wallet HD) because the wallet files are different (and also because of the Java 6 keystore problems mean I can't actually update the old wallet anymore).

The only issue at this time is that there seems to be performance problems when restoring from a backup but that should be sorted out before the release.

Even though exchange rates have been programmed from multiple services like Litebit & Bittylicious only the rates from Cryptodiggers are displayed in this version because other services don't currently update their rates frequently enough.

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I'm in the process of updating worldcoinj to 0.13.3 and the wallet to 4.42. I thought it would be good to get a community going to share ideas and knowledge on what we can do with the great combination of WDC+Android and get the Worldcoin community at large excited again. 

As far as ETAs go, I should have an updated alpha sent to the alpha group this weekend.   Here's a shot of the new standard QT wallet (Satoshi 0.10.2) pushing its blocks to the new worldcoinj 0.13.3.
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