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Hi All! We're currently testing the new version. This will be the first of a series of updates. This version includes a few goodies, such as manual focus control (see the screenshot below), better interface, and improved connection.The new beta version is available on the beta channel. We need your feedback, before rolling out it out to the public. If you're interested in beta testing the new version and giving us your feedback, please follow the link to become a beta tester:

Shortly after that you'll be able to update your app with the beta version. If you want to revert to the stable version at anytime, all you need to do is to follow the same link to leave the beta test program, then uninstall the beta and reinstall the stable version. We greatly appreciate your feedback!

Thank you,
slingShot Team

Hello Brainy Lantern Slingshot Support Team,

I just purchased the Android version and installed it on my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime smartphone and successfully connected it to my Nikon D5300 DSLR.

Most functions work very well.

I can'tell seem to get "Bulb" mode to work. When I set the shutter speed to "B" and push the shutter button, the camera hours into a 30-minutes exposure, where I can't jump out of that in the app. I have to turn off the power on the D5300 to cancel the super-long expisure.

What am I doing wrong here?

Hello. Got a new camera, Google Pixel xl. Trying to connect. I get the wifi to work and the SlingShot program shows my camera but when I try to touch the camera name to connect it does nothing. Any ideas?

Hello +Brainy Lantern
I just purchased slingShot on recommendation from a friend. I use the iOS version and my camera is a Nikon D750. Unfortunately slingshot can't get a connection to my camera. It stays on the start screen with scanning for cameras.
The phone is connected with the camera WiFi.
Connection with the Nikon software and with Shuttersnitch are fine.
Any Idea?

P.S. It's possible for me to test a beat via TestFlight ;-)

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Hello +Brainy Lantern,

just signed up only to say "great work" to you guys! Excellent app, neat design and works like a charm! 

I can not connect with my Nikon D610 after updated to the latest version.

Hello Brainy Lantern, I've got one request but I'm not sure if there is the possibility already and I only havn't found it....

So is it possible to set up bracketing from the app?
Because my D5500 and also D7000 does only support three images in row without handwork it would be a great feature in slingShot.

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SlingShot App/Germany Düsseldorf

Hi, I've tried slingshot with a Nikon D3300. I can change almost all settings. And I'm able to take a photo. But after the first shot, I get an error, and have to close the App in order to use it again. Are you thinking in include Nikon D3300 in supported cameras? 
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