I have left it as a review and also tried email through the playstore but have had no response. On my HTC10 the screen will not ever turn off on its own. I have used this app on all my phones for years (HTC M8, HTC M9, Galaxy S6) with no problems but no matter what I have done the screen will not turn off without me manually hitting the button. I love this app and want to keep using it but why does it stay on all the time now. I am completely stock with marshmallow. Please help

Hello! Thanks for making this great app! I'm having trouble using the Selected Apps mode. I have selected my apps and "Enable selected apps" is checked. When I have it in green or red mode and the selected apps mode enabled it says "Off duty! Paused by sel app mode" and the screen doesn't stay alive. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. When I turn "enable selected apps" off and put in green or red mode it works for all apps. Any help would be awesome, thanks!

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I got rid of 1.89GB junk files from my device with Clean Master! Think you can do better? http://goo.gl/WcgXdr

I want to donate, but I can't find the option to donate

Can i keep my lockscreen on forever? Like the samsung always on?

Is there any reason why the this app opens the Google Play Store (com.android.vending)? Right now Stay Alive! takes 28MB and the Play Store takes 57MB. Would be nice to reclaim that 57MB back on my  memory starved 1GB Moto G 1st gen.

Having some issues after Marshmallow upgrade with this app. Guessing it's a minor bug floating around...

When Stay Alive! goes active, my phone reboots about half the time (usually within 5min of the screen dimming). No SA!, no reboot. Disable SA! but keep it running, no reboot. Only happens when active and currently keeping the screen on.

This didn't happen on Lollipop and doesn't happen 100% of the time even now. Not sure how to troubleshoot further, other than "SA! off, no problem, SA! on, problem."

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New version available soon on Google Play!

• Notification entry and status bar now support Android 5+
• Added an Extra Donation option for donators who wanted to donate again to support new development
• Added donator option to hide notification entry on lock screen on Android 5+
• Added a floating clock and inactivity timer to the black screen
• Fix black screen on low battery
• Removed basic theme to reduced app size by 100kb
• & more

•  Thank you for supporting our AD FREE, full featured, no premium, donationware application.

i'm using SA to display a slideshow in chrome. i've tried multiple modes and options but if the tablet (nexus 7 by asus) is plugged into a wall and charging and then the micro usb is removed from the device the screen dims and then shuts down. 

Just to inform you, everytime i open your app, i got a toast message "google play not installed!"...the app works like always so i don't give it too much attention, but maybe you should look at whats going on with your app
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