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I believe this to be enough time for everyone's robots to be finished!

If you want to participate in this week's RoboCode Tournament, please go ahead and sign up using this google form!

The tournament will happen at 4PM Central Time (Think Chicago!)

I understand a lot of our contestants are from other parts of the world. I understand that for most of you this will be a time late at night. For this reason, I will record everything. You don't have to be there when the tournament happens on the live stream. You just need to submit the robot and you're done.

The winner of the last RoboCode Tournament was my robot called Absolute Zero. 

If you would like more info, comment below! 

We will start the tournament stream tomorrow at 2PM Central Time. If you haven't entered your robot in, do so by 12 afternoon Central Time tomorrow.

Good luck to all.

Remember to send me a link of your robot!!

Hey guys. Seeing as only 3 people actually registered their robots, including me. I have decided that we  must delay the tournament until next Sunday, 6/30/2013. But we will still have a "mini" tournament today. That isn't really an official tournament. It will be a friendly, no stats will be taken.

I just feel like 3 people isn't a tournament at all.

If you actually sent your robot through, I'm really sorry, I really wish we could've actually had an awesome tournament. 

It appears as though out of 39 members of this google group, only 3 have actually sent in a robot. I think it's just because people don't frequent Google Plus that much(or at least that's the most logical answer). Therefore, we have decided to create a sub-reddit. it's called and we will post everything we usually post here, there. We will also be using the google community but the subreddit is just for the people that don't use google plus that often and can't get the information conveniently. 

If you have any questions, please comment below.

By the way, just to make sure the form was working(i still find it really bizarre that only 3 people sent their links), here's a list of everyone that actually turned in a robot to me.


If your robot is not on this list but you sent it, please tell me, it might just be a problem with the form.

Since I still want to actually do something today, I will record a "mini-tournament" of the three robots right now. If you want to watch it, check out my twitch at

I will also be recording it. You can see the video at 3PM Central time || > on my channel at

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I only have 4 people in the tournament right now and today is the deadline to sign up. Again, IF YOU HAVE A ROBOT AND WANT TO COMPETE, COMPLETE THIS FORM!


Since only 4 people so far have filled the form out, I'll extend the deadline to Thursday.

If you have ANY questions, comment below.

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Hey guys, the tournament is coming up next week and in an effort to set it all up and such, I need everyone that will participate to put in their desired names and robot's names here .

 The deadline for filing this form in for the tournament we will have next Sunday is Wednesday  6/19/13 (or 19/6/13 for our friends outside of the USA).

The deadline for turning the robots in will be Saturday 6/22/13 just a heads up!  You can compete in the tournaments we will have every week after that, though, so don't count yourself out if you can't come to this one.

If you have any questions about this please comment below and I'll be happy to answer them!

Good luck in your Robot creation endeavours and remember that size does matter! (If you don't know what I'm talking about, look at David's post on this group about the code size restrictions.)

Anyone know of a good way to avoid walls?

Hello. So I was asked this question:

I have a quick question: will there be any sort of viewing system like that of Google's AI challenge? Where others can watch the matches of other contestants without a live system and be able to step through each iteration and such? Basically you could download a file with each team's actions throughout the match and you could then step through the game and such.

How should I answer?

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Hey guys,

I have created a tutorial for you new people that don't know where to start with robocode and don't know how to run it. This tutorial will teach you guys how to start off with RoboCode using Eclipse! Good luck to everyone!

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Hi everyone,

so the tournament will consist of an each against all competition; every bot will have to face every other bot in 1v1 battles. You can read more about the scoring system here:

Some general guidelines for 1v1 robots:
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