with the latest upgrade I'm no more able to draw a polygon with DroidPlanner1 on a S7Edge. It shows a warnig "attempt to invoke virtual method ...

Hi Arthur

Just sent two crash reports for droidplanner. Both under the same circumstances.

Once connected to copter 3.1, I tried to get waypoints from it and droidplanner crashed after saying "waypoints received"

Merry Christmas btw

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New version (1.2.0):
* Planning: renamed column header - #348
* Planning: Markers - additional UI + zooming fixes, distance while dragging marker - #324
* Planning: Markers, Mission - distance from prev waypoint in mission planner w/ live update while dragging - #327
* Planning: Fixed the area function - #358
* Parameters: fix for name column size, progress indicator - #328
* Parameters: sort by parameter name on opening parameter file - #335
* Parameters: Use APM parameter metadata if available when editing parameters - #344
* Parameters: Help display w/ description, units, valid range & accepted values where available - #345
* FlightScreen: Draggable guide-point - #347
* MapType: Made map fragments responsive to map type change, made map type more accessible - #336
* Waypoints: Fix the Waypoint parameters - #337
* Waypoints: Fixed the overlap text in the waypoint editor - #339

Well, what can I say about this release: That I haven't done any of the work?

I must especially thanks +azrin aris and bob01 for their incredible contributions, in fact I just merged their pull requests and resolved the merge conflicts. And that has become this step in the life of the app.

And just so anyone don't think I'm losing interesting on the project: I have slowed my development on the main branch because I'm designing a cool v2.0.0 of DroidPlanner.

For more help go to the wiki at the following link:

Donations are appreciated at the following link:

Good flights to everyone, and please report any problems or bugs.
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New version (1.0.1):
* Moving the arm/disarm button to the overflow menu for safety reasons
* Fixing problems with the Do_Jump and Set_Home waypoint dialogs
* Reduce the chance of unintentionally deleting waypoints while scrolling

Just fixing some stuff, including some safety precaution on the arm button. This has gone directly to the stable version because it's very important.

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New version (0.16.0):
* Bluetooth Support
* Fixing layout problems with the Survey window

Since many users have requested Bluetooth support I loaned a Android Device with Bluetooth, and implemented the support (my tablet doesn't have it, that's why it took so long). 

I tested it with a RN-42 Bluetooth module bridged with a 3DR telemetry board with success. To use the feature just pair your device using android settings, and select Bluetooth in the DroidPlanner settings menu.

I have NOT tested the feature extensively, so I'm eager to receive feedback from you guys.

For more help go to the wiki at the following link:

Donations are appreciated at the following link:

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New version of DroidPlanner (0.15.0):
* New Waypoint Editor
* New Survey Interface
* Support for Physical Joysticks
* Chinese Translation
* Code Re-factoring
* Minor fixes (please consult GIT history)

The main things are:
 The new waypoint editor which is much easier to use, and support's almost every kind of waypoint. To use it just click on a waypoint on the map or list to open a dialog where you can change the waypoint settings. We have gone to the trouble of doing a customized dialog for almost every waypoint kind, making it really easy to setup the parameters.

 The new Survey dialog. Now it interactive, you can select your survey parameters and it will dynamically update the grid. Also a nice new feature is the option of showing the camera footprints on the ground.

I would like to thanks +azrin aris for his huge help with the development of the new Waypoint editor. Also to everyone that has share constructive thoughts on GitHub.

Please give feedback on the comments, or directly on the Github issues at the following links:

Donations are appreciated at the following link:
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DroidPlanner v0.14.2 has been pushed to be a stable release.

Here is the blog post for it:

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New version (0.14.1):
* Drag-and-Drop waypoint editing
* Slide to remove waypoint
* Click to edit waypoint
* Adding a lot more info to the Survey Dialog

I implemented some user ideas for the waypoint editor, I hope you guys like it.  So just to remember, slide, drag, click and you are good to go flying :)

Also there has been a great improvement on the Survey Screen, and now it has some cameras that are loaded by default (thanks +Brandon Basso ). Give it a try.

If you would like to make a small donation here is the link:

Any issues report them here or at GitHub:

New version (0.13.1):
* Fixing layout problem in Survey Dialog in smaller screens

Thanks for reporting the problem +azrin aris 
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