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Many mathematicians use the Python programming language to analyse data. This YouTube channel (and supporting website) is a first course in Python that uses free to view online video tutorials. The videos are different to many on YouTube these videos use schematic animation to help convey the concepts.

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(1) Why sin(30) = 1/2 ?
(2) i ^ 2 = -1 = rotation by 180°
(3) Transpose [A] = Rotation by 180.
(4) Diagonal of a matrix = Its axis of rotation.
(5) Why A x B = ABsin( )??
(6) Why Log(A x B) = Log(A) + Log(B) ???
(7) What is the purpose of curl and divergence??
(8) Purpose of differential equations.
For (6$)
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Hast du schon mein neues Video gesehen?

In diesem Video erkläre ich dir wie man den Erwartungswert berechnet, wenn bei einem Glückspiel vorher ein Spieleinsatz gezahlt wurde!

Wenn du Fragen zu diesem Thema hast: Immer her damit!

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You're So Random (with Google Tools)
See how to generate random data and information for your students using a variety of Google tools.

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Learn Math with your Face (and Google Docs)
See how to use Google Docs, webcams, and Chrome web apps to do a fun learning activity about unit rates, measurement, decimal operations, and more.

Without Mathe matics advancement of techology cant be thaughtof you. It isth6eBackbone of modern world.

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Pattern Block Templates and Activities with Google Drawings
Use virtual pattern blocks with this Google Drawing template to learn about symmetry, fractions, perimeter, tessellations, art, writing, and more.

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Math EdTech links of the month 19 new resources from March 2017
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