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Anyone know why if my refresh rate is set to 24 via the graphics control center dts-hd and dolby true-hd stop working in XBMC? Setting my refresh rate to 60 via graphics controller and setting display to sync to video in xbmc lets HD audio work just fine and the on-screen display shows 24fps, but I was just curious why the above wouldn't work.

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More xbmc fun on the original Xbox.
Double Dragon 2

I would love some help. I am running my xbmc on my raspberry pi and it has been great! Then the October update downloaded and installed and now none of my adons work. I have tried to find a straight forward tutorial to fix this and have had no success. If I can not find that I will have to reflash the card and start over from scratch! Does anyone have a way to repair the adons on raspian that could get me back on track. Thanks! 

Hi everyone, I noticed a section for XBMC for OUYA is missing. Is it possible to create it ?  Or we have to use Android section ? Thanks :)

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Just saw that the Hilton in Iceland is using some form of XBMC. Anyone else know of any major chain using it?

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This is a guide for making sure all movies are in your library using the XBMC remote app Yatse for android. Feel free to make comments on the doc or suggest changes.

Am I the only one who can't get Xbmchub to work?

XBMC on my ouya has started buffering alot which is becoming very annoying. These are for videos on my NAS

i included this in the advancedxml 

However it doesnt seem to have a difference. I also tried re-installing which made no difference 

I have read about clearing the cache but it seems it can only be done by installing some dodgy addons

Any ideas anyone?
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