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Kurama Hinamoshi at your service

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Name: Corvus Rorschach
Age: 26
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 156
Powers/skills: Necromancer
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Creed: You do you, just don't do it with me. A.k.a Asexual
Bio: My story is for me to know and you be lucky enough to find out.
Likes: Seclusion, quiet, my guitar
Dislikes: Loud places, Emotional people

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+Demon Kurotsuno's second profile
"Quiet places are best"
"What concerns you my friend..?"
"a place where demons and angels live together in harmony.."
Name: Dialo
Age: ???
Height: 156cm
Demon Blood lust
A basic attack that uses her fangs to tear into her opponent
Wing Speard
Increases her Mobility and sharp eye focus
More to be developed soon
Race: Demon
Gender: Female
Creed: Bisexual
Bio: Dialo appears to always have a straight or aloof expression on her face. She acts maturely and has a slightly polite manner of speaking. Dialo cares for her friends. Is also a recreation of her ancestor,Lost.
Appearance: Dialo is a girl demon with with two curved horns that go from a black to a dark red. She has long red hair, separated into pigtails. She has white skin (like everyone else) Her wings are bat-like. She wears a frilly black dress with a white shawl. Around her neck is a black ribbon, decorated with a skull. The cuffs of her sleeves are white. She is shown to wear white tights coupled with black mary jane shoes with bat wings adorning the sides.
Likes: Caring for others,tea,afternoon,staying calm,cooking,and meeting other demons and angels.
Dislikes: hostile demons and angels,Not being able to keep a calm and collected state,breaking focus,And getting sick.
World: Soon to be assigned
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Name:Kurotsuno (Olivia)
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'6
Male Form
abilities are enhanced to fit my style a bit more.

Human form
Not as strong and very weak but has a sharp mind at times

Changing into a weapon

Disruption Rage Ver. 1
Basically combined the powers from my male form to my current form and increases my attack levels

Distortion ver.2
Can be only used when ever I'm close to death which releases a shockwave around me and pushes back intruders.

Race: Female
Creed: Straight
Bio: recarnaited as a demon possibly due to a grim reaper named "Shikabone". She doesn't have many relatives expect her father,Sullivan. She grew up knowing completely nothing about her human life. She grew up as a demon pretty much alone most of her life. She holds a certain grudge against her father for some reasons and is a rebel. her friends are "Met"and "Hanten".
Likes: Night,Stars,Chocolate,ocho chocolate,Fighting,And believing what she thinks is right
Dislikes: extremely annoying people,rain,Gloomy clouds,Being angry,and Being beat.
Married to +Shin no shi
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Name: Shin Izukani

Age: Eighteen Years

Occupation: Waiter at a EORZEA Cafe



Weight: 176 lbs

Hair Color: White/Black

Eye Color: Red

Star Sign: Scorpio

Dislikes: Ants, Spiders, Hot Things, Jerks, Mean Women, women who toys with his heart

Likes: Video Games, Training, Cooking, Making Friends, Cutting Down The Strong and Frivolous, knocking people down a peg 

Strength: Average

Agility: Way Above Average

Defense: Low

Dexterity: High

Intelligence: Above Average

Stamina: Low

Biography: Shin is the Son of the infamous Izukani Clan. A All female clan brooding with plans of world domination. He was raised around Lesbians and learned a great deal from them. As he gotten older, he decided to leave as he set foot on his own adventure. Going through death, memory lost and heart break, he made his way to a new place to call home


Bombs: limit is 2, explode on impact

Scythe: harder than diamond, but can still be cracked, a black and red mechanical scythe custom made from the fires of the abyss

Ninja stars: 10 in stock, can be laced with poison

Buster blade: a heavy duty long range weapons that reduces speed up ups attack greatly

Pistols: dual, eight bullets in each chamber with two magazines to cover for it

Shotgun: heavy duty, close range. 6 bullets, double barreled

Chains: Basic weapon that is used for close combat and mid-range combat 


Mechanical Peaks Form:
Allows the use, Creation, and Dismantling of Any Weapon known to man. But as a result of this power it does half the damage. The main weapons that Shin uses are, chains Scythe, Shotguns, pistols, katanas, bombs, Ninja stars, buster blades, and etc.

Mechanical Burst Mode
This Enables Shin to Use a Multitude of Weapons at once, and as much as he wants to really cause true damage to his opponents. This has 10 minute limit on this mode

Abysmal Mode
A Combination of His Mechanical Peaks Form and His True Power the abyss as he uses his powers to their full potential. This is only a last resort move, he never uses it, because it would slowly and horribly correlate his body to a point of no return.

Relationship: Married to +Demon Kurotsuno 
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Name: lacy blackwater
Age: 17
Gender: female
Powers and skills:
Shadow rift= the user swings her sword down and a fast shadow slash heads twords the target
Agility= the user moves faster than the target
Song of the lost sword: she makes a full circle of shadows with her sword and it blasts her enemies away with a single blow
Species: Neko
Creed: straight
Title: the lost shadow
Likes: painting, sword practice, sleeping, and sitting outside to clear her head
Dislikes: when +Yuki. Red Tiger Sakazuki.​​ is hurt or anyone else who is important to her and water
Bio: she is a samurai who has lost her way and ended here she is scared at times and she keeps her sword handy at times of danger she lives in tournament world
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Name: Shadow.


Gender: Male

Powers and skills: Dark aura,red aura,black thunder shield,sword of death,energy lighting bolts,paralyzing stare,venom grip,ninja army,ninja technique,summoning the dead.

Species: Human/dark wizard


Title: Lord of the Shadows

Likes: To win,team up,to defeat my enemies and opponents

Dislikes: When someone insults my strength and powers,losing,get humiliated,losing my powers.

Bio: Is the Lord of the Shadows and leader amongst the shadow ninjas. His famous quote is: The one who stands in my way and in my ninjas way,shall suffer great pain.The pain that will bring an end to your suffering moments.If there's something that no one can,then that is to overwhelm my powers.Those who do that,shal ltaste the blade of death.
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Name: Ryogoku Kyoichi
Age: 16
Powers/skills: To travel to the present and the past and turn people in to sychics (dunno how u spell it) 
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Creed: Straight
Bio: I am a young adolescent which came from the future to complete his task. His task was to create more sychics in order to have more people survive in the future because in the future, everyone lived on the moon and the earth was not meant for anyone to live there. When he goes to earth he encounters many friends and falls in love with a girl named Kahori, which also has feelings for him. Eventually, he has to leave her in order to go back to the moon and tells her that once he leaves, she will forget him and her love for him and she did. He did not let her go with him because he said that his mother was from Kahori's era (earth or past) and that when she went to the moon, she felt very lonely. One of his other friends tries to prevent him from never coming back and leaves with him. Some time after, his friend comes back but some how Ryoichi doesn't. So Kahori could never remember him.
Likes: Earth's beauty, girl named Kahori
Dislikes: Mean people, deaths without meaning, having to leave his friends

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Race~Sorceress, Pureblood Vampire.
Abilities~Control elements, handling different weapons.
World~Adventure & Action World
Personality~Kind and sweet, but silent and deadly.
Likes~Cute guys, Kind people.
Dislikes~Rude people, Others fighting for a stupid reason.
Bio~She didn't have a family because they were killed by the Hunters. She travels around from world to world, galaxy to galaxy, and even universe to universe to find the people that killed her parents.
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