Finally! After almost a week of searching, I found it back! SilverOak! Where my Pokémon RP journey started! So many memories lay here...
Wow, it's really been a long time, isn't it? Almost a year. Well, for me it's a year, but there are some posts that are from less than a year ago, but I didn't comment on those. I have been gone for so long, wow, such horrible things a life can do to you. I made really great friends here, including you guys, I don't know how I could possibly leave and forget about you. But I'm back now, and I'm searching for my old friends and memories.
I was really upset I couldn't find this place at first. It didn't show up in the search bar anymore when I typed 'SilverOak', which it used to do back in the days when this community was still active. I thought it had been deleted, but fortunately, it still existed, and I was able to find it by typing 'SilverOak Pokémon Community Google+' in the Google search bar, instead of the Google+ one.
Wow, am I glad I found SilverOak back. I'm just scrolling through some old posts now, and I see all of the RPs we did, the interesting biographies, the poem I made for this community describing its myth...  I really had a great time here. Yeah.
But as much as I'd love to start over again and make this community active, I know it's almost impossible. We will never be able to make this community as popular as other Pokémon RP communities are at the moment... Yup, impossible. So I'm not going to try that. The only thing I want to do now is to thank the people I RP'd so much with and who gave me a really great time here. Thanks, +Matt Lane, +Eddie Spaghetti and +Yuuki Konno.

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Join a new pokemon rp community!

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Join a new pokemon rp community!

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Name: Red


Party: Pikachu @ Light Ball
Volt Tackle
Iron Tail
Quick Attack

Charizard @ Charizardite x
Flare Blitz
Air Slash
Blast Burn
Dragon Pulse

Venusaur @ miracle seed
Sludge Bomb
Giga Drain
Sleep Powder
Frenzy Plant

Blastoise @ strius berry
Focus Blast
Hydro Cannon
Flash Cannon (weird choice for a move)

Lapras @ wide lens
Sheer cold
Body Slam

Snorlax @ Leftovers
Shadow Ball
Giga impact 

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 A world that used to be so peaceful and loving. Now, it is a world of war and death. This is the second Pokemon War. Welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy. Select your role in war, defend your region.  

Sorry I wasn't active. On vacation

Hey Aries my sister likes a lot of the same stuff u do so don't think she's some random creeper.

Can my sis be the ice\water leader?

Ok so I'm does this place work, and where do u get pokemon to play

training mareep near waterfall in the forest. All Pokemon are out of pokeballs and playing an/or relaxing Okay, Mareep, try it again! Electro ball! mareep finally creates a full sphere of electricity and fires it at the waterfall, making a temporary hole in the water. Smiles and pets mareep Nice work buddy! ((Open RP))
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