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It's that time again, im changing the sins! If you want to be a sin, please stay active in the community~ you will be replaced if you're not~

Original Sinner: +️Butter Bellie
Lust: +Usagi Sayomi™
Pride: +Raven Verlorenen
Wrath: +Roy Master Lord of Pherae
Lucifer: +multi abyss 

Also I'm looking for any ideas to make this community more fun, so any suggestions please comment them below~

sat on a branch and waited for people to come through the doors

We need to add life back to this place press like if you're with me :p

Bring this to life and have new sins :p

Anyone up for an rp

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Anyone on?

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(( seen some people get on here again lately so i think it's best to just help trying to reboot this place)) you walk into an abandoned shop that looks like it's been lived in for some time then you notice me standing in one of the corners ((open RP))

I lay on a tree branch, not doing anything to help the other sins sloth sin is great I pluck the leaves down off the branch one by one

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Is eating candy as I wander around the park, pickpocketing people at random when I bump into you...

Guess no one wants to do anything anymore

Not as lively as it used to be
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