I have some feature requests again:
1. Action - Swipe up (minimum 50-60% of screen's length) - I would use it to snooze alarm
2. Vibration pattern when snoozing alarm (maybe 2x 100 ms vibration, doesn't matter but it can't be the same as vibration for closing alarm
3. System font for clock

Could you implement an option to start vibrations with delay?
Best regards 


I saw the new option for specifying a date for the alarm. But the date picker seams to be a little bit buggy. The fields for choosing the date and the year are OK, but the one for choosing the month is not. Because it is a text field, but when I try to enter the first letter of the name of a month, the text does not get entered in the field at all. Same applies if I try to enter a digit. Am I doing the month picking wrongly?

The test is done on a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini (SM-G800F) running Android 4.4.2. Turbo Alarm is version 3.2.6. The phone and Turbo Alarm are in Bulgarian.

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I want to report a small visual glitch in Turbo Alarm. The string "Defined by user" in bulgarian, located in the dialog about enabling the weather forecast and specifying the location is split on 2 lines and the 2nd line is vertically cut off, as you can see on the screenshot. This does not happen with the english translation. I think however, that there is enough space and there is no need to split the string on 2 lines in the first place (though I'm not sure about it). But in any case, I think that the text containers for the 3 radio buttons can be expanded horizontally on the right, because now their right border seams to go only to around the first 2/3 of the dialog (see the focus rectangle of TalkBack on the screenshot).

(Below in English)
Hola a todos,
Debido a un problema con el servidor que proporciona los datos del pronóstico meteorológico he tenido que actualizar la aplicación. ¿Me podéis confirmar que os funciona correctamente una vez hayáis actualizado (estará disponible para descargar en Google Play una hora)?  Si podéis, me vendría bien que probárais a cambiar la posición de la previsión a otra ciudad para probar que la previsión meteorológica se actualiza correctamente.
Un saludo y gracias. 

Hi all, 
Due to a problem with the weather forecast server, I have had to update the app and I would like to know if now it works  as expected. The update will be available in Google Play in one hour or so. Once you update, could you check if changing the position of the weather forecast the data is updated accordingly? 
Thanks for everything, 

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I want to make a feature suggestion/change for Turbo Alarm. When TalkBack's focus lands on an alarm item in the list of alarms, the time of the alarm is send to TalkBack in a strange way. For example, 18:35 is send as "18:, 35" (see the attached screenshot). I think that the comma and the additional space should be removed, so the time is send to TalkBack as "18:35". Some speech synthesizers (e.g. Vocalizer) can interpret and speak in a more friendly way the time if it is send that way.

Thanks much in advance!

P.S.: Actually, I think Turbo Alarm sends the time to TalkBack that way in all places, and not only in the list of alarms. Is it intentional?


I want to make a feature suggestion for Turbo alarm. The possibility to set an alarm to go off at a specified date. Let's say for example that I need an alarm/reminder for something at a specific date. If the date is not in the upcoming week, I can't set Turbo Alarm to ring at that date/day, because at present I can only set Turbo Alarm to ring at a specific day of the week via the alarm repetition function (witch in itself is not an ideal solution for this case, even if the date in question is in the upcoming week). So, can a function be added (specially for non-repeating alarms) to ring not tomorrow or on a specified via the repetition function day of the week, but on a date specified in the properties of the current alarm?

Thanks much in advance!

Below in English.

Buenas después de unos cuantos meses trabajando en la versión beta, la semana que viene la liberaré para todos los usuarios. Realmente tiene muchas novedades que me gustaría que probarais y me contéis si algo os falla (si se cae acordaros de darle a reportar el fallo). Las novedades más importantes serían:
- Alarma parlante.
- Mejor diseño (material).
- Ya es posible donar (no hace falta que donéis pero si me gustaría que probárais que funciona hasta el punto de darle a aceptar).
- Nuevo selector horas típico.
- El juego de los cuadrados se puede cancelar cuando os sale para continuar en lugar de cancelando posponiendo.
- Poder establecer "silencio" como tono.
- Posible eliminar notificación de una hora antes y además la notificación activa sólo se ve si bajamos la cortina de notificaciones.
- Nuevas traducciones: Russian by gaich, Swedish by Helluuu. Italian by bradipovsky and Czech by loqan.
- Tasker: Saltar siguiente alarma y ser notificado cuando una empieza a sonar.
Un saludo y gracias por vuestras pruebas,

Hi all, 
After a few months working on the beta version next week it will be released for all kind of the users so I would like you to test as many new features as possible (don't forget to report the problem in case the app crashes). The most significant changes are:
- Some material design for pre-lollipop devices.
- Talking Alarm.
- Now it is possible to donate, but just try that the three amounts to donate are listed correctly.
- Spinner Time Picker.
- Ability to set "silence"  as alarm tone. 
- Removable one-hour-before notification.
- Active notification with no icon (only appears when the notification panel is shown). 
- The mini-game is cancelable to be able to postpone instead even after the mini-game is shown.
- New Translations:
   * Russian by gaich (xda)
   * Swedish by Helluuu (xda)
   * talian by bradipovsky (xda)
   * Czech by loqan (xda)
- Tasker: Now it is possible to skip next alarm and be notified when an alarm starts ringing.
Thanks a lot!!

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I want to report a string in Turbo Alarm's UI, witch appears untranslated, even though I think I've translated the string itself in the translation system. The string in question is the following:
"No selected Image. Click here to select one."
and it is located in the options of Turbo alarm, in the dialog in witch we can choose the background for Turbo Alarm's notifications. I'll attach a screenshot of it as well.

BTW: Shouldn't it say "Tap here", instead of "Click here"? I know that Android can also run on devices only with mouse and keyboard and without a touch screen, but most of the Android devices have a touch screen and that is the most used method of interaction with this operating system. And when you interact with a touch screen with your fingers, you tap and not click :). That is based only on my own observations of course and I may be wrong.


I rarely keep my internet connection active when I don't need it. Tonight however, I have forgotten to turn it off. And when I this morning dismissed the alarm from Turbo Alarm, I got a full-screen advertisement. I personally don't like full-screen advertisements, but that is not important here. The problem is that in older versions of Android (e.g. 4.1, and maybe even up to 4.3 including), those full-screen advertisements may cause problems with the TalkBack screen reader. In such a situation, TalkBack is not able to interact with such a screen (the full-screen advertisement) and will stay silent, until the "Back" button is pressed to get out of the advertisement. On top of that, TalkBack doesn't even say that the focus is in a full-screen advertisement and the user will probably wonder what's going on, due to not being able to see the screen. Would you mind considering not using full-screen advertisements, at least when TalkBack is on?

Thanks much in advance!
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