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I was walking around the city, my backpack full of spray cans and looking for my next spot to put up a new piece. I cut through alleyways to avoid the crowds of people walking the streets late at night. After walking for a while, I came to a spot perfect for a new tag. I dropped my bag and got started, little to my surprise this spot was already claimed by someone else

[Y/N]: Who the hell are you, and what the fuck are you doing?

I quickly turn to see you standing there with a baseball bat. I stood there as you slowly walk towards me

((Female needed))

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I am skaya . skaya your new student. At first you didn't think much off me. You thought I was just another highschool transfer. That was.. until you noticed I asked and answered questions that had people saying for the past years with out even being there those years. You started growing suspicious of me. One night I was searching your office and found me. You approached me pulling your gun, and I tripped taking mine out. I the one floor you standing over my other wrist. Our guns aimed at each other and You said....


Would anyone like to rp with this little lady i wave

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You girls were my sisters (19 years) and (20 years) I am your brother (17 years). You girls were very perverted and you girls always wanted to fuck me. Our parents are gone for the month. I was out sleeping on the couch after an hour. You girls came up to me and-
_(Two perverted females needed) (My roleplay name is Ryou.) (You can be Dom/Sub) (You can be the purple haired girl or the red haired girl.) (You can choose your own name.) (The brown haired guy is me.)_
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Hi i'm new

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hi everybody im new

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Name: Dark The Wolf
Age: Classified
Gender: male
Rank: General
Weapons: random
Powers : random
Forms: random
Team: Edg3 Alpha team 1
Bio: i will never surrender, surrender is never an option. 

Okay, I'm out.

If you wanna roleplay with me here are all of my characters and thanks for the invite:P

Name: juggle chop






Likes: violence death combat War

Dislikes: he does not like much but he doesn't like extremely girly things

Hobbies: fighting

Dom or Sub:goes back and forth

Sexuality: omnisexual

Fetishs: almost everything

Turn- offs: frat boys

Description: he's tall he has and his skin is mainly polite and it does have some designs on it his eyes have three points at the top and two at the bottom he has a spot on his nose and three on his forehead he has a black smile painted on his face and his chin is black

Name henry
Age 23
Species golem
Height 6'3
Weight 309
Bio/how I became a slave I was made a slave for combat but I wasn't allowed anymore so my last owner sold me

Name the forgotten
Age stop counting
Gender male
Weapon broken half handed bastered sword
Sexuality straight
Personality bored
bioi fought in the war between men and monsters but when I died my soul had extreme determination which brought me back as a Undead

Name john
Age 23
Race coy wolf (half wolf and half coyote
Eyes green
Fur tan with patches missing
Works on cars
Extras has social anxiety disorder

Name john stewart
Age 15
Height 6'1
Weight 206
Race Human
Personally Crazy hyper
Likes making things destroying things
Dislikes clicks and bullies
Bio John never got to the portal he made a device that brought him there but with some side effects it messed with his head and now he hears Voices
Powers wires stun bombs

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