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Emmeline sat quietly in a small grove of trees, waiting for the others to arrive. Deltora was in a desperate state and a plan needed to be made. She had sent for allies that she knew of in each of the other 6 tribes and heard back from 5 of them. The silence from the Dread Gnomes worried her. Through lots of secret messages and a lot of time, they had managed to set up a meeting place and a time. The other tribe members would be there any minute . . .


Emmeline rides along next to a river in the lapis Lazuli territory. After a while she pulls back on the reins to slow down and stop. Once they come to a complete halt, Emmeline lets her horse drink from the river and she dismounts to fill her water skin . . . 

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The Topaz Territory

Places of Interest-

The palace: Visitors may tour the palace if a palace guard is available to guide them. The library on the third floor is open to the public each afternoon.

The dock area of Del: Much trade is done here and many exotic things are unloaded from the ships. There are many street sellers here who sell many delicious foods. There are also many taverns.

The market square: The Square is in the center of Del and you can buy everything from a corn cake to a Fighting spider from the plains. It is easy to find, but you should beware of pickpockets there.

The sandy shores on either side of the dock area: The shores offer a splendid view of the ocean and if you do not care for swimming you can hire a small boat to take you out.

The River Del: The Del runs to the sea on the west side of Del. The banks are shaded and sweet smelling violets grow along the banks in the spring. It is a refreshing break from the bustle of the city.

Adin’s Forge: The home of Adin and his heir’s till the castle was built. It is still a working forge and it isn’t marked because of the current blacksmith objecting to the constant interruptions. Of course no one would object to you just glancing in it.

The Os-Mine Hills: They are 3 days walk from the city of Del, almost on the border of Ruby territory. They have many unique plant and animal life there. They also have dangers, but they can be avoided if you are careful. 

Safety precautions in the Os-Mine Hills-

Do not travel there alone.

-Everyone in your group should carry two weapons, 1 visible, 1 concealed.

-Lead horses instead of riding them so that you won’t be thrown off if the horse stumbles or startles.

-Carry your own food and at least some water. Do not eat any berries of fruit that you don’t see birds eat first. Do not eat Granous. They are full of parasites.

-Sleep in shifts to avoid Granous attack.

-Follow dragon safety precautions (Infor on dragons here: ).

Creatures unique to the Topaz Territory

-Granous: They are only found in the Os-Mine hills and travel in packs of 6-10. They can speak and reason like humans can. They live in underground dens. The hills are full of their tunnels they usually use the tunnels to watch and follow victims and wait for a moment of inattentiveness to attack. They relish human/horse flesh. They are basically cowardly so a show of strength will keep them off for a while. Do not stay in the Os-Mine Hills for long. Every day that you stay your danger increases. If Granous catch you they won’t kill you immediately, they will first toy with you and ask you trick questions, biting off a finger or toe for every wrong answer, that is why a concealed weapon is a good idea for any Os-Mine traveler.

-Vine-weaver birds: They are also unique to the Os-Mine hills. They use their beaks to weave vines into net like nests that they live in all year round. The birds are small and gray, but it is fascinating to watch them weave their nests.

-Dragon Lizards: These are found in caves among the foothills. They are gold in color and are around the size of a calf so they are often mistaken for dragon young. They have no relation to the Topaz dragons. They have no wings, cannot breath fire, and only eat insects, birds and small snakes. They will only attack humans if they are threatened.

-Topaz Dragons: These dragons are gold colored. They can often be seen in the Os-Mine hills, but can travel anywhere in the Topaz territory. Their diet consists of Granous, Vine-weaver Birds, Dragon Lizards, fish, and (rarely) domestic animals.

-Butter moths: These are very common in the Os-Mine hills. They are the color of butter and they can be as large as a man’s hand from wing tip to wing tip. They are relished by dragon lizards.
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In ages past dragons roamed the skies of Deltora (then called the Land of Dragons) freely and did so without fear. They were the land's guardians, and had a special connection to sense when it was hurt or in danger. 

Dragons exist in seven tribes, mirroring the seven tribes of Deltora, and each tribe has an affiliation with one of the great gems. They are highly territorial toward dragons of other tribes and have the innate ability to sense if another tribe's dragon has trespassed in their land. Their eyes and the scales on their upper bodies match the gem they are affiliated with, but all dragons have pale undersides that change color to match the sky above them. This is a highly effective camouflage. Dragon eyes have a hypnotic quality to them.
All dragons are highly intelligent and capable of human speech, powerful, and have a degree of pride. Travelers that encounter dragons are advised to bow their heads and remain still, greet the dragon politely – using its gem name, such as the "dragon of the Topaz" – praise the beauty of the dragon's territory, and ask permission to leave. They are also advised never to turn their back on a dragon. To dragons, knowing a being's true name is to have great power over that being. As a result, asking for a dragon's true name is considered highly offensive. Conversely, a dragon willingly giving its true name shows an extremely high degree of trust. Teeth, which symbolize strength, wisdom, and power, are also prominent in dragon superstitions, and newborn dragons are encouraged to swallow their baby teeth when their adult fangs grow in.
Dragons are generally solitary creatures, though they may occasionally enjoy company. It appears that dragons hold their mates in high regard. All dragons have a particular fondness for human hair, preferably longer than shoulder-length. Dragon nests, while primarily made out of stones stacked in a circle, are lined with soft material, and most dragons prefer to use hair for this purpose. They will, however, make do with all manner of other soft objects.
Dragons breed very slowly, typically only having one or two offspring in their entire lifespans. Dragon eggs are large, have very thick and hard shells colored to match their tribe's gem, and do not need heat. The egg can hatch after roughly six months, at which point the egg must be exposed either to fire or the Belt of Deltora and the dragon tribe's gem. Normally the egg's parents provide the fire that encourages the hatching, but another dragon may do so if it chooses. To offset the slow birth rate of dragons, the eggs may remain dormant for centuries. Newly hatched dragons – called "dragonlings" – are initially palm-sized and can walk and breathe fire immediately. They form their titanium-hard skin in the egg. Dragons grow rapidly after hatching and never stop growing until the day they die. Dragons have natural lifespans of roughly 500 years.
Dragons of all tribes have the ability to enter an enchanted sleep, wherein they are apparently only able to be awakened by their tribe’s gem wielded, in the Belt of Deltora, by the King of the land. This sleep allows the dragons to survive without eating, drinking, or even moving for centuries. 
When the Shadow Lord began its invasion of Deltora, the dragons opposed him. While they did not fight alongside the human armies, they burned swaths of Gers whenever they could. However, the Shadow Lord was well prepared for the dragons. During its exile, it bred seven monstrous birds called Ak-Baba, which could kill lone dragons by hunting in a well disciplined pack. They killed lone dragons when they could and fled when the numbers were unfavorable.

Over the years since the Battle of Deltora, people began to lose their faith in the dragons. Farmers saw them as pests who stole their livestock, and maidens were frequently abducted so that their hair could line dragon nests. The people of the city of Broome distrusted dragons due to the Ruby dragons destroying the city of Capra. It became custom for all the women of the city to shave their heads to deter dragons from coming. Of all the tribes, the Ralads are often the only ones still close to dragons and can sometimes call them to their aid. The Torans also have respect for dragons, but aren’t as close to them as the Ralads. Besides those two tribes, the only other tribe to respect dragons is the Jalis tribe. They see them as the ultimate test of valor for their knights to slay.

Attributes of the Different Dragons-

Diamond Dragons: Diamond dragons have colorless scales that glitter in the light, making some mistake their color for silver. They share many traits with the Jalis knights; they are aggressive and ruthless toward their enemies, but are loyal and generous towards friends. They are also highly superstitious and respectful of tradition. Diamond dragons are physically the strongest tribe of dragons, and because of this Jalis knights would hunt them as proof of their valor.

Emerald Dragons:Emerald dragons have glittering green scales and believe in honor above all else. Because of this, they are proud, stern, and lack senses of humor, but are also very dependable. They are also strong and often confrontational, particularly toward Lapis Lazuli dragons, whom they view as dishonorable.

Lapis Lazuli Dragons: Lapis Lazuli dragons have midnight blue scales covered in silver markings resembling stars. They are physically smaller and lighter than other dragons, but are able to fly much faster as a result. They have unusually long necks. They are impulsive and easily bored, as well as friendlier than most other dragon tribes. Lapis Lazuli dragons also have quick wits, enjoy songs, and have good senses of humor. They strongly believe in luck and like to take risks as a result. They are frequently at odds with Emerald dragons, which look down on them for believing in luck rather than honor. Likewise, Lapis Lazuli dragons enjoy taunting the emerald dragons.

Topaz Dragons: Topaz dragons have golden-yellow scales and eyes. They are thoughtful and spiritual, traits befitting their gem. They are also reliable, determined, and serious. 

Opal Dragons: Opal dragons' scales and eyes glitter in a rainbow of colors. They are serious and formal and lack the impulsive nature of Lapis Lazuli dragons. Instead, they prefer to be careful and plan their actions. Their eyesight is the best among the dragon tribes, a reference to the clairvoyant powers of the opal. At least one Opal dragon participated in the Battle for Deltora.

Ruby Dragons: Ruby dragons' scales and eyes are colored in shades of red, from bright ruby red to deep maroon. Ruby dragons are generally good-natured, playful, and slow to anger. This kindness reflects the ruby, which represents happiness. The Ralads respect the ruby dragons and view them as being vitally connected to Deltora's fate.

Amethyst Dragons: Amethyst dragons have scales and eyes colored in shades of violet and purple. They are wise, philosophical, and intelligent, even by dragon standards, and enjoy intelligent discussion and poetry. They are also responsible and value truth, befitting their gem. Amethyst dragons are, on average, the largest of Deltora's dragons and have the longest lifespans out of the seven tribes. Unlike other tribes of dragons, Amethyst dragons do not sleep in caves or other secluded locations, but rather sleep in the open.

Dragon Safety notes:

• Male and female travelers should cover their hair tightly, if it is longer than shoulder length.
• Dragon Lairs are usually in caves or woodland thickets, but some dragons, especially the Amethyst Dragons of the West sleep out in the open.
• Large caves that are warm and have a sweet, musky smell may be Dragon lairs. It is unwise to enter them.
• If you meet a dragon by chance, bow your head and stand still. Do not draw your weapon. Greet the dragon politely, using its gem name (Dragon of the Topaz, Ruby, etc.). Say you are a traveler, praise the beauty of the dragon’s territory and ask permission to leave its presence.
• Never turn your back on a dragon.
• Never ask a dragon its true name. For dragons, knowing someone’s true name is to have power over that individual.
• Never look into a dragon’s eyes. If you do, you may be hypnotized and perhaps lost.
• Never approach a dragon’s nest while it is in use. Inspect only abandoned nests.

Signs of a nest in use-
• Neatly arranged stones
• fresh bones and food scraps
• surrounding earth flattened, bare, and burned
• strong smell of smoke
• no birds, lizards, or other living creatures nearby
Signs of an abandoned nest-
• Stones disordered
• lining material disturbed
• grass, vines, etc. growing around nest
• birds, animals, and insects approach nest without fear.
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Emmeline walked through the tall grassy plains of the plains tribe, leading her horse. Every now and then Quicksilver would shy away from fighting spiders or plains scorpions, so Emmeline had to keep a firm grip on the reins. The affect of the Shadow lord’s control was taking it’s toll on everything. Most travelers were frightened and suspicious, even the plants and animals seemed afraid. Emmeline had seen much of this since her flee from Tora. If only there was a way to restore the belt of Deltora now. Unfortunately that was unlikely since the Shadow Lord’s guard was still very high. Suddenly Emmeline stopped her trekking. A few wisps of a campfire seemed to be rising off to the side. Emmeline turned aside from her path to investigate . . .

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Quest Members (rp names and G+ names):
Start Date:
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Name: Nellani
Tribe: Plains
Hair: Wavy, cropped fox-brown hair. 
Eyes: Amber
Age: 20
Height: 170cm
Weapons: Nellani's powers, as well as her knives. 
Powers: Being able to tell what powers other people possess, as well as superhuman tracking abilities
Strengths: Knife-throwing skills and agility 
Weaknesses: Loyal to a fault, may come off as crass and unrefined, impulsive
Likes: Travelling, learning, riding with her mare Windcrest, 
Dislikes: Being helpless
Parents: Reyna and Jinn of the Plains Tribe; both alive
Other: Has an amber talisman. When she's on the Plains, leads one of the hunting parties of her parents’ clan. 

{ +Sarah Vilburn this is a revamp of a previous character I had! }
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Welcome to Deltora! The Land of Dragons! The land is divided into 7 tribes, but all the tribes are united to form one kingdom, the capital of which is in Del, in the Topaz territory. The ruler of Deltora wears a Magical Belt that is inlaid with 7 jewels which were once the talismans of each tribe. The jewels are as follows:

The Diamond: The diamond is the talisman of the Jalis and it is the symbol of strength and purity. Its powers include that it gives courage and strength to worthy wearers and it brings misfortune on those who gain it by treachery or for evil purpose.
The Emerald: The emerald is the talisman of the Dread Gnome tribe and is the symbol of honor. Its powers include that it dulls in the presence of evil and when a vow is broken, it is a remedy for sores and an antidote to poison.
The Lapis Lazuli (The Heavenly Stone): The lapis lazuli is the talisman of the Meer tribe and is the symbol of good fortune. It’s powers are that it brings luck and that it has a special affinity to the opal.
The Topaz: The topaz is the Talisman of the Del tribe and is the symbol of faith. Its powers include that is protects from terrors of the night, open doors to the spirit world, strengthens and clears the mind, and it is strongest at the full moon.
The Opal: The opal is the Talisman of the Plains tribe and it is the symbol of hope. Its powers include that it gives glimpses of the future, helps the sight, and that it has a special affinity to the lapis lazuli.
The Ruby: The ruby is the talisman of the Ralad tribe and it is the symbol of happiness. Its powers include that it wards off evil spirits, it’s an antidote to snake venom, and it pales in the presence of evil and when misfortune threatens.
The Amethyst: The amethyst is the talisman of the Toran tribe and is the symbol of truth. Its powers include that it calms and soothes, changes color in the presence of illness and it fades near poison.

When these gems are united in the belt of Deltora, they create a powerful spell to protect the land and keep the Shadowlord out. The Shadowlord is an evil immortal sorcerer who lives in the land beyond the Barrier Mountains. He has always had his eye on Deltora and is very clever, creating plans and plots that take thousands of years to complete, but are almost absolute if they succeed. He has tried to take over Deltora many times and his most recent attempt has been successful. The belt has been destroyed and the gems have been scattered across Deltora (Note for people who have read the book, this is not set during the time during the book, this is just part of a community plot). The Shadowlord now occupies Del, though luckily the Queen was able to escape and is now somewhere in hiding. The Shadowlord has also put Tora under siege, so no aid can come from the Torans trapped inside. Only a few managed to escape before the boiling red cloud descended. The other tribes have also fallen under darkness. There is a group of people who form a resistance, but it’s too soon for them to do anything effectively. For now, all they can do is plan and wait for a time when the Shadowlord begins to relax his guard. 
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Name: Emmeline Robin
Tribe: Toran
Hair: Long, Black
Eyes: dark blue
Age: 18
Height: 6'0"
Weapons: bow and arrows
Strengths: Archery, magic, Leadership, loyalty
Weaknesses: Sword, will say yes to almost anything, tires easily, endurance
Likes: The ocean, reading, traveling, The Toran fortune-telling stones, baking, and whales.
Dislikes: Being stuck indoors all day,  hot days, teasing, 
Parents: Both Toran, Mother is dead
Other: special cloak that camouflages, Silver flute, white horse named Quicksilver
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