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A possum in your honor, everyone. 


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Does anyone have any questions or topics for this week show ?

We are all ears 

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A call back from episode #99. It's Ultra fucking Magnus. 

I'd like to get my Dad who just went into a nursing home a simple E Reader.Do my very smart friends have a suggestion? Personaly I use a BlackBerry Playbook, but he needs non wifi.  It needs to be simple, but ample.

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Wow wow wow! Soo many predictions and references that have come true. E.g Mike Hobbs talking about Google buying Motorola just for OEM leverage and then getting rid of them, Ashley also saying that she will never get an iPhone 😢 and other gems.

Hey, I'm listening to a couple of episodes every weekday, join me if you want to reminisce.

The Techfoolery Podcast covering Techfoolery Podcast #1: “A Terrible Pilot”

Damn the feels! I didn't want to listen to the last episode cause that meant my techfoolery queue would be empty but I gave in today and listened. Holy watery eyes batman I lost the fight with the onions. Ashley's last bit definitely got me in the feels! I wasn't active here I mainly creeped around but listened to the show religiously. I'm sad to see it go but excited for what the future brings to the both of you. 

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If anyone needs to fill the podcast void, +Taylor Martin has a phenomenal podcast, minus the swearing and weird shit, but still good.

So I think I need to let you guys know what my plans are so you don't all go for a joint suicide pact or something.

I'm taking a few of weeks off to enjoy my Fridays and then I am going to start a podcast. Maybe 2

I don't know who I will host with. I'm not sure what to call it. I know it will be about tech. I know Ashley will always be welcome. I hope it will be fun.

I hope you will join me.

What should I call it? 

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Ever since +Ashley Esqueda became a big shot over at CNET...

So much for no spoilers, congrats +Ashley Esqueda I was hoping to hear it on the podcast but! it is what it is! 
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