I’m making revisions for a client on their website. They are using the Dynamic Website Builder powered by the Genesis Framework. There are 2 things I can’t figure out:
1. Controlling the width and the style of the menu navigation’s drop down menu and
2. adding the Facebook icon/link to the footer.

When “I inspect the element” I can see where to make the changes, but when I go to the Dashboard and make the change, it doesn’t work. I must not be looking in the right place.

Also, I can't seem to find where I add the Facebook icon to the footer. It was so easy on my WP site. I don't see that same place in the the Dynamic Theme.

Please help! Thx!

Does anyone knows how to add a fullwidth slider on a custom page? I was following the tutorial but don't know what class should be written when I'm filling up the hook class? thanks and sorry for what most be a basic knowledge for the community

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I would love to understand what the difference is between these two ways of creating  a Widgetized Static Homepage And Separate Blog Page.  A few months ago, Eric posted a tutorial about how to create a new template for a widgetized home page, so that you actually have a page assigned as home. Is option 2 here the newest of doing this?


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Do you use the #GenesisWP  Extender Plugin?
Would you like to use Bootstrap and FontAwesome with it?

My free gift to you:

Steps 1 through 1.2 of this tutorial will help you import both Bootstrap and FontAwesome

Hi. I'm new to this community. I've only had DWB for just over a week and it's more complex than expected. This is a good thing for me. I had a thought today. Does this community ever do hangouts and share design ideas or tips for different experience levels?

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I have just migrated my site to Genesis/DWB. For the most part, things went well. My "Home" page still looks goofy - I'll figure that out soon.

I moved to Catalyst after working with THESIS for several years. So, I almost panicked when Eric made the "big announcement" in July!

I like this theme and the vibe of the folks here! Now I just want to move forward, tweaking my site to make  it great for my readers!
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