"Foxstein Log: 25213

I cant do this anymore, Ive lost everything, Except for My Pistol, My Phone, and my Mom's Armlet. Everyone is dead from that blast, And there is no way out of it, But If that's so, Why am I alive, and More like, where am I? This Surely is not Asuria or anywhere Ive been before. It seems to be a Complete different Dimension. I dont know.. The Air is certanly thicker than what I am completely used to at home. I also cant seem to get anyone on the Line, so I am the Only one that Survived... Mosk Asu Inume. Naema. I just cant believe a- Is that someone? Im moving, I cant Trust anyone."

You are a Female (Or Futa) Human (Or Some other Relavant Species) and the Princess of this Kingdom or Nation that I have Mysteriously Landed Into, that was walking this way due to hearing a lot of noise out here, Mainly Miniature Explosions for an unknown reason. The Government Seems to be on Route, And Moving me may Cause them to get confused and Leave the area. Seeing as I didnt see you till you were almost Right there, I tried to Hide in a Tree. A Strange Looking Fox Looks at You. You-.

(This Style of Roleplay Will Romance, Sexual, Action, and Just Random. Typical Rule Set: No Text Talk, unless A Device is used to Contact a Separate character. Minimum of 3 Lines Per Post. Type "Unknown Depths Below" If you actually Read This. Do not Judge my Character And/or me, Its just how I am.
If you are using a Custom Character, Send me the Profile, Or if you want, Just play it out in Rp. And that should be It as far as I know. Recommended Hangouts, but Private Post should be fine.)

(This Message is going to Most Communities I am In.) Hello. Hi Everyone. I am Firefox Foxstein. Or you might know me (Or Used to) as Vault-Tec Gaming, Firefox Foxstein, Firefox Foxstein and Naomi Foxstein, Foxstein Gaming: Firefox Foxstein, And a ton other names from the past.

Now Why im typing this post is to tell everyone.. Im sorry. As it Seems, I cannot continue to be on Google+ any longer for at this time. This is NOT a thwart by my parents, It is simply that I never have enough time to be online anymore. Not just that, it is that legitmently everything is coming at me at once. As some may know, I have a Youtube Channel. Thats Taking up A bit of my time as of Gaming. Another is that recently, a friend of mom's has recently died of a natural turnover (Still unclear of what it was) and that the government is now being a complete asshole and trying to prove mom of doing somthing she didnt do. Now as in respect of mom, I am not allowed to say what it is, But I can say that this all started with Jealously. ALL BECAUSE SOMEONE WAS JEALOUS.

Now The more bigger thing is: I have a game currently being Developed. It is called "Insanity: Tale of Firefox Foxstein". Now the real bad part is, ive been dealing with alot of stuff, I havent had time to even DO ANYTHING with it. Its still is V0.3 JZ and has gone NOWHERE. For people that want to search it up and test it, Your out of luck. It isnt published, unless we can schedule a time for when I could let you test everything in the game so far.

Final Thing (And this is one of the things why I was looking for a Trustworthy Female. I Trust them more than Males. Dont ask, Im strange. And yes, Im single) I have been having alot of mental issues. As of today, Things didnt go as planned. Really at this point, Im glad to have a biology teacher that actually understands me. If he wasnt there, and\or wasnt nice, Id possibly not be typing this message right now.

Alright. I got to go. Please dont be afraid to comment.. Id actually love to have a good chat later on. That would make me feel a bit better. -Firefox Foxstein

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just got done fighting a boss battle in floor 59 low on health sitting in a tree

walking around floor 50 looking for materials for weapons

I'm bord any one want to rp

This one too. Last post was 3 weeks ago with the post by me.. welp ive given up on trying so....

Hello guys! Im finally in on my New Account!!! well im bored so anyone wanna rp?

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"Speed, maneuverability, and accuracy are key in a dogfight. If you miss your shot or slow down too much, you're dead. Turn too tight or not tight enough, you're dead."

"Sometimes the only solution for peace is war. But that's a rare occurrence."

"I only do what i believe is necessary. Nothing more."

"One shot can end one life, and save hundreds. It's up to you to take it."

Name: Hunter Dracon

Alias/Callsign: Strikewolf

Rank: None

Faction: None

Age: 17 (or 27 it depends on the roleplay)

Gender: Male (Seems a little obvious doesn't it?)

Sexuality: Bisexual (but he's more straight than gay.)

Nationality: Australia

Skills: Stealth, Gunsmithing (building guns.)

Weapons: 14 knives of his own design (7 are shorter, and the other 7 are longer.), used for throwing, plus another three combat knives with blades a full foot long, and a longsword.

PSR-27 Wraith Sniper Rifle: Will penetrate 5 centimeter's of concrete at point blank. Max effective distance 2,700 meters. Mag size: 27 rounds. Recharge time (for the plasma mags) fifteen minutes( three turns.) Accuracy: Diversion over 100 meters, 0.27 cm. Caliber: 12.7 mm (.50 caliber.) Bullet speed: Mach 7.5. Can fire Plasma Bolts or Bullets.

NOS-39 Viper Heavy Pistol: Will penetrate 5 centimeters of concrete. Max effective distance: 140 meters. Mag size: Nine rounds. Recharge time (Plasma mags): Five minutes (one turn). Accuracy: Diversion over 100 m: 1 cm. Caliber: 12.7 mm (.50 caliber).

HAR-38 Venom Heavy Aassault Rifle: Will penetrate 2.5 centimeters of concrete with one shot. Maximum effective distance: 970 meters. Mag Size: 54 rounds. Recharge time (Plasma mags.): Fifteen minutes. Accuracy: Diversion over 100 meters: 9 cm. Caliber: 7.75 mm (.30511811024 caliber)

Weaknesses: His love for saving others. Helping out whenever he can.

Hobbies: Tinkering, Practicing with his weapons, Training, Listening to Music, Playing his guitar.

Profession: Assassin. He does a lot of mercenary work, fighting, and weapons design on the side.

Personality: When you first meet him he seems friendly and shy, but as you get to know him better, more is revealed about the seemingly cheerful person. Under this facade is a cold and ruthless fighter who will do whatever it takes to win a fight and eliminate his opponents. He will fight and die for what he believes is right and and will do whatever it takes to maintain peace.

Clothing: Everything he wears is black, it helps him blend into the shadows. He wears a black Australian style hat, a leather trench coat over a vest that has a long sleeve shirt under it, jeans, and his footwear varies. He'll wear combat bots sometimes but usually wears sneakers.

Backstory: He's an orphan from Australia. With a knack for technology, he took designs of fighter planes and built the aircraft as well as designed his own weapons. He lost his right forearm at the age of 14 and built a cybernetic replacement with a built in hidden blade. It was finished six months after the incident.
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YEAH!!!! *I bust into the Nep sisters room while they are reading books. >_> Nepgear jumps abit while Neptune falls out her chair. My face was lit up. But i was in My power armor... and suited up... no it wasnt were being fucked, its a parade!. You.. (Play as the Nep sisters. Atleast Nepgear since shes my.... crush.. lol) 

it was almost my birthday. Im finally gonna age. But. Then somthing got in the way. A curse. Of eternenty. I cant age at all. Then i was being buried and then fell into a basement. And i saw you. A lonely human female just crying.. no one know what our fate but somthing tells me we need to go deeper to survive...
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