I found it very useful to move from headphones to speakers and viceversa. Even hearing only through an ear to check the correct balance. Anyway, I just listened back to my mix and I've found a few things that could be changed.

What kind of gear do you use?

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Anyone can edit my document! Feel free to augment, add comments (ctrl+alt+m), or anything.

some questions for the kind and curious:
I wonder if there is bass and how much as opposed to the bass line carried by drums.
Also, what instrument is the elephant trunk?
And how many saxophones/trombones are there? 

me and the song:
I love modern spins on swing as much as I like swing itself. The rhythm just moves me, which is also why I am a swing dancer. This song is a fusion of swing, electro-swing, jazz, and hip-hop. Now, that’s cool even without hearing it. It has so much energy.Oh, and the lyrics are great, too

+Ørjan Havre I wanted to make the youtube link in your assignment one doc clickable to cater to us lazy folks(ctrl+k), but the document is read-only... 

We need to get more people up here :) 
working on the assignment now. 

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Here is my take on the first assignment. Mick Karn - Buoy.

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My spatial analisys. The Meters - Cardova

Hi! Good thing to use the G+ Community. I am not a great fan of long email threads with less than useful subject names ;-) I hope the rest of the group will join in here!
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