Hello brethren, I have returned.

I love this stuff

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Name: Randir
Nickname: Feredir.
Age: 22
Backstory: Was born in a hunting tribe that made their home high in the mountains. Well known for hunting down fierce some beasts that threatened the farming villages at the base of the mountains. He was born to an elvish mother who was a mighty warrior among her people and a human father who carried his clan to prosperity.
Species: Half Human/Half Elf.
weapon of choice: An elvish bow and sword.
mount: A horse on occasion but he prefers to move on foot.

walking with war wolf around nadindel looking for old tombs and just exploring (open rp no need to ask)

Does anyone wanna rp?

walking through the city of ellesmera looking to buy new equipment

sis make me a mod real quick

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name: jack
age: 16
species human
weapon of choice: knifes
bio: lived in a orphanage and did not like it so i ran away and go and explore the world
mount: war wolf

+Ronald Weasley​ Do u approve of my rp profile?

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Name: Ryan McQuaid
Backstory: I was born 1 year before my sister. She is 17 and a swordman just like I am. I named my dragon rogue.
weapon of choice:dual swords
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