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"I'm sitting here in nothing. And better to be sitting in nothing than in something that isn't anything."
Janne Teller "Nothing"

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"No philosopher has ever satisfactorily answered the following question : "Why should there be something rather than nothing?"
It seems a fair enough question on its face. But that it should even be asked may seem to some of us as inexplicable, even preposterous. What the question suggests is our uneasiness with Something. Alternatively, there is nothing troubling about Nothing, because we cannot give it consideration. Something allows or necessitates our experience of the uncanny."

Thomas Ligotti's The Conspiracy Against the Human Race - 2010

A friend said "I'm probably going to make the kid's breakfast, then do nothing for the rest of the day. It's probably about all I can do"

I remember when I decide to do nothing and just lay in bed. How nice it can be to just 'do nothing' . " I am going to take Great Joy, in doing nothing today. 
I remember I can go out and take a walk, if I am going to do nothing, how if I take advantage of the 'nothing' and Play some tennis. How if I take a long walk and smell the roses.
How if I enjoy my nothingness.

Then again.... at this point it's no longer a Nothing. It's probably a something, It probably never was, nothing.
+Isabella Veloso 

What is the word that defines the entire structure of moral ethical and philosophical beliefs that a person has. Maybe I'm looking for ethos.

it is not ironic that we seem to not discuss nothing. I keep trying to open up the topic....

Buenas Noches, a todos, soy nuevo en el tema de Ontologias e quisiera saber como inicio con un ontologia, parte de mi tesis estoy intentando aplicar una tecnica que me permita extraer infomarcion relevante/importante no se que me podrias aconsejar algo similiar a lo que es alchemyApi ... pero  esa herramienta no me ayuda a hacer algo por mi mismo ... muchas gracias  por darse el tiempo de leer este mensaje

I'm reading "The sociopath next door".
The premise is Sociopaths lack Conscience. 

not to label myself a sociopath, but I'm not sure what conscience is? It keeps making me think we are talking about a lack of empathy.

As the book develops it tries to establish conscience like religion talks about morality, in fact may even confuse the two. Then talks about Freud and the Superego. Even mentioning Thomas Aquinas as well and his writings on conscience. 

"consciousness" is your awareness, sense of self. I think there may be even a link to the sociopath not being very self aware. Even the definition of the sociopath in the book talks about a lack of ability to prepare and see further down the road. Almost a more fitting definition.

Anyone willing to share a few paragraphs on what Conscience is?
I know this is off topic.... or is it Nothing?

Sunday Night Martini:
Forum Issues
1. This Community isn't yet open. I still want to Firm up the Mission status of this forum. I still want feedback on the who what where and when of this forum, and what we should do with it.
2. The open discussion is currently:
        A. The debate on if "Nothing" is a subset of "Something"
        B. The debate on Heidegger and if Depression is a "Nothing"
3. My broad thesis for this group is to try and discuss what things are "Nothing" and how to quantify that, and have an open discussion about that. Example "Are unicorns a 'nothing' ", Is Religion a "Nothing" subset, are some religions a nothing and are some Not a nothing.

Feedback is welcome.

As a first topic of discussion. Does Nothingness Exist? When we say "Nothing" what is it that we are Discussing? Obviously we are talking about nothing. But what is it that we are then talking about?
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