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Latest Power through Collaboration book excerpt --- "Preventing Failure at the Brink of Success Syndrome."
"Preventing Failure at the Brink of Success Syndrome." Conducts a Power through Collaboration postmortem on a company that implodes from internal conflict. ----- This is the next excerpt from my Power through Collaboration books.  Accessible at:

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Previous excerpt is: "A Collaborative or Competitive System -- The Childhood Seesaw?"  ---  Accessible at:

This book excerpt utilizes a fun childhood activity to illustrate how people can see collaboration in drastically different ways!  And with important implications regarding the utilization of our collaboration technologies!  Did you or others engage in competitive or collaborative play on the seesaw?  Or both?

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We talk about collaboration but in the dog eats dog world of business its rarely found. You can't make your candle burn brighter by blowing our that of another, it's been said. I share a story about applying business for social purpose.

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What are the things we should look for in a person to see his or her capabilities or potential of becoming a leader? #oxygen4leadership

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The four promises and the level of effectiveness that they require—individually and collectively—constitute the Leadership Agenda for the organization. This Agenda needs to be held by the Top Team and led as a key strategic priority and business imperative. The performance of the business—as well as the meaning and value creation of everyone associated with the business—depends on it.


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Consumers are expanding and quickly changing their demands of the retailer to support their shopping and purchasing practices in an omni channel marketplace and collaboration is more important than ever for the new omni channel marketplace to meet the demands of the consumer. 

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In today’s fast changing environment, collaboration is the key, because it’s the only path to innovation, which is the only path to happy customers. This makes boring annual performance reviews obsolete. What really matters is this:

People connecting and leaving each other valuable feedback to improve the way you work.

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Building a culture of ‘Oneness’ in your team & company..

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Check out this article on 14 tips & tricks to increase productivity at workplace

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The collaborative shopping home page requires the participation and support from both internal and external partners. The external partners are made up of social network, retailer, suppliers and consumers. 

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Thanks +Mark Baer for sharing this insightful article.  I will reshare it with the Power through Collaboration community!

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