Thats pretty cool but I dont really have enough skills to be the LEAD programmer,I sort of need more training.If you could help me with the really advance stuff that could be good.Or we could havre a group of programmers and beta testers and I could just be a beta tester

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Welcome to the Gamers League,there are 3 groups as of now,the beta testers and programers then the reviewers.We are currently looking for more members to make up the team and we need a Lead Programmer (Im not a programmer.I'll most likely be a Beta Tester or Reviewer).Lets make this group great !

Hi Taylor,

I'm starting a mobile games studio, and I'm looking for a lead programmer to complete our team.

It's a revenue share project, with a real opportunity and market to challenge prejudices in the gaming industry.

If you're interested, email for more info.

Kind regards,
Jordan Bryan
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