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Made a few changes to Wormholes & Warpdrives. Realized that the Well-Trained Trait is too unbalanced, so I've removed it, and replaced it with Expert Skill in Career descriptions.

Any changes to a Lulu document result in a new URL, so as I did with Metagene, I've made a Google Doc with all the links to the PDF and print copies.

Brainstormed a new campaign and new characters last night with the lovely +Kev Kubli last night, got some good feedback and she seems to like it so far. Some time I'll have to post the Cowboy Bebop-esque Data Dog species she came up with!

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New post about Wormholes & Warpdrives. Worked on this for a long time!

The setting for W&W began with a Mekton campaign I ran for my wife and a friend many years ago, which combined Robotech and Macross 2 with elements of Star Trek, Dune, and Lensman. W&W takes place maybe a century after that campaign, but this article brings some of the older info from our campaign up-to-date. I wanted to be sure I got the important stuff reasonably close so +Kev Kubli doesn't beat me with a pillowcase full of doorknobs.

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I may eventually collect these into an official Imperfekt Gammes release for HERO system. In the meantime, enjoy Kid Magus for Champions 4E and 6E!

How's things going with Metagene? Any chance you might be running a game in Portland for FreeRPG Day?

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Playing around with converting some Earth-Omega stuff to other games. Have a peek!
Stats for Dr. DNApe for Champs 4th and 6th Editions! Like a face-heel-turned Dr. Silverback, Dr. DNApe is an alien inventor arch-villain from my supers setting Earth-Omega. Enjoy!

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Invulnerable RPG is only $6.99 with the current GM's Day Sale on DriveThruRPG.Com!

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Now in playtest: Wormholes & Warpdrives!

Wormholes & Warpdrives is an old-school, d6, class-and-level-based space opera roleplaying game. All you need to play is this book, some friends, and a bunch of six-sided dice.

> Join StelNav and save the Border Colonies from the hostile reptilian Tsenari Empire!
> Study mystical powers with the Space Templars!
> Smuggle dreamdust past megacorp blockades!
> Design your own Species, Career, Background, and Starship!

It's Time ... To Boldly Proceed Where No Sentient Has Ventured ... Before!

How's Metagene coming along?

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For the rest of the month, Invulnerable Super Hero RPG: Vigilante Edition is marked down to $4.99 in PDF, and the print versions are both reduced by $5! Grab some dice and be a hero!
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