The Bible says that "Godly sacrifices are a broken spirit, a heart broken and crushed, O God you will not scorn" Psalm 51;19 Ellen Davis in her book Getting Involved with God: Rediscovering the Old Testament (2001) says 'For it is ever the nature of sin to turn us in on ourselves rather than opening us toward God and neighbor." (p.169) So often we believe that the sins we commit which create havoc in our lives, are somehow able to be fixed and managed by us alone. The truth is that sin is not committed alone therefore it cannot be dealt with alone. Many of us who have committed sin with another have felt the pain of embarrassment and the sting of abandonment when our partner in crime leaves us to face the outcomes of our sinful nature alone. The dismissal of the fact that all sin is inherited from our human nature, and that all inherited sins affect our social dynamic.
Allowing sin to exist in our lives not only affects the relationship with the people around us- but it affects our relationship with God. Well of course you know that right? But in our self indulgent, self gratifying behaviors toward our sinful nature, how many times have we stopped to realize that God is vulnerable to the hurt and the pain of our sin. The Bible says that God is love... and that love is vulnerable to pain, and the suffering of disappointment. "Perfect love is perfect vulnerability."(172)

We commit a disservice to our relationship with God when we are not equally vulnerable with God as he is with us. It is our pride and our selfishness which keeps us from honest with ourselves and ultimately with God about our sins. We mask it with cliches and scripture. God does not want our masks and make up... God desires that we let our hearts break before [Him] and allow the pieces to be placed on the altars of perfect repentance. It is there, that God's grace, mercy and love meets us in our most vulnerable state. The feelings of handling the sicknesses of sin and its secrets alone are exposed in the light of love. In that light, a cloud of witnesses that reassure us that God is faithful to forgive us, cleanse us, and be with us even until the end of the age. What a wonderful and merciful God we have, waiting to help us.

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