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I want to start by say Hi my name is Maureen Harrell.My Ocean Is Big For You And I Or US,WE,
When i say that name its because I'm talking about our mind you know the mind can be powerful or it can be weakin the reason i say that because it control every part of your body or as i will say our bein.we learn from our brain how to awake every parts. Iwant to tell you a little story about some people "Ocean"(the brain)some people function well when it come to thier Ocean.Do you know that our Ocean is big it mit be big as a Ocean or biger then a Ocean or it can be big but small on the inside though our we Learn Things that make who we are some people like my self have a disfunction when it come to our Ocean and some people don't they can function with no problem well i have to take medicine for my Ocean to function right i have adis function come name is Schizophre'nia. Its a dis function that some people have when your Ocean "Brain" takes control of you function when it come to deal ,learning,and listing,hearing,saying things some people suffer worser then other what make my our disfunction dangerous is we can explain or think functionly its difficulty its like a stang on our Ocean we respone to situation differently sometimes when
we say or try to say anwer people it some time come out distort and our sometimes action dont match the same and with out medicine we are how can i say this out of control of what we ear ,say,and do we sometimes scare other people who dont understand our disfunction of our Ocean.and sad to say some people take average of our disfunction,they ,take our money,they derat us in the wrong way or situation simply its safe to say they disrespect us,they put us on the streets "put us out on the streets because we sometimes we cant relate or if i may say take care of our self.some of use are ture out on drug and some of us is not so when someone comein to our life to help us get stable we sometimes response to the meds very well and some of us dont respone at all to the point we have to be lockup in some kind of care or we just out thier walking the street while someone.get a check for when you see us dont be afraid to say or to point us in the right way cause some tiimes we just cannot when we hear some thing comeing from a person or people we think they are out to hurt us in away that hurts so when you see us loud on the street or destorying something we are in astate out or controll cause what we think we hear its hard but it can be control sometimes so when we try to achieve something we have to work harder with our Ocean then other we to have goal we want to achieve but its take time trauma,drug,lack of understanding s is some of our problems or naturally born that way.Ok, so dont judge us by. Your misunderstanding just pray that some way or some how we can recover from our disfunction oof our Ocean.
Thank to those who help ue witb our struggle.

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