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Name: Cake The Pikachu Nickname: Rose or Cake the pop star pikachu

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Level: 30

Likes: Her Friends, Making new friends, Probably liking to be shy, being loved, And Wanted to meet Mewtwo or Lucario Hopefully.

Dislikes: Bullies, Getting hurt, And Losing.

Family: My Team Hearts And Trainer DJ Faith.

Crush: SECERT!

Special Personality: I was a normal Pikachu back in the days, I went to Hoenn Region to come here to stay so after that, I fond this thing so it is about a trainer and someone pokemon to win so i go in there and i got this costume on. And after that, i met D Faith and then we became real Friends.

Type: Electric

I Hope I get to join it to the Roleplay! >.<

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Name: Pika "Vincent" Chu
Age: 14 (22 in future)
Birthday: November 19
Species: Hedgehog Pikachu
Cupid Rank: 3
Likes: Hang out,playing games (Sonic,Undertale,Splatoon,Mario,Pokemon,etc),training,climbing mountains,battling,cussing,books.
Dislikes: Getting beat up,losing in battle,being flirted,being board,wild strong Pokemon,dying in games.
Family: Marco (Pichu) Age:11
Personality:Smart,Shy,Tough,Scared (sometimes),Little Stong.
Attacks:Tackle,Tunderbolt,Quick Attack,Discharge.
Info: He may not be a good Pokemobian,but he's just a 14 year old Pikachu who has to take care of his brother Marco but his other family member's are not in this universe,sometimes he feels lonely because he never got a girlfriend because he has 2 friends named Meloetta Shinzo and Ethan the Glade.
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