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(I.... I have no words............ QAQ....... )

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Have you ever thought about being a pirate?

... no, either did I especially since I was the daughter of a duke in France of all places, My name is Angelica Neige

I had a simple life with maids, servants, and money with a big estate but that wasn't enough, not because I wanted more no but because I wanted to no longer look like a man. my whole life I had been known to be mistaken for as a boy... I was even engaged once tsk my father had to proposed my hand to a lower stature of family just to wed me off before I was to old and embarrassed him longer. though the man I was to marry couldn't see me as a woman even after a night spent together. after finding him been with many women down at the docs my heart was broken I knew that no man could ever love me

I gave up my title and family name the day before my wedding and took the life of my dearest to be out of spite.
only to begin a new with a crew I found wondering, more souls searching for themselves, down at the sea.

heh my father still believes that no good pirates took his boat

The only catch that I could easily follow was a old wise tail about a woman on a boat that was not a whore could only bring bad luck to the ship. So my crew still believes to this day three years later that I am a man

over the years I heard man stories and none of them was quite what I was looking for, I had gold when I was younger... even brought my jewels with me so money was of no use, fountain of youth was a wise tell for the old who feared the end not for me. while I was in the docs off the coast of Kristiansand Norway one day surrounded by the doc whores who throw themselves at any sailor who comes in caring gold, couldn't even understand half of them.
One of the men from another ship that got here a day before my own had stumbled over to me in search of a particular woman hanging on my right.
He compared her beauty to that of a mermaid and I laughed at the thought of such fairy tails to come from his lips. they were just words to droll in the simple minded, he must have felt offended by my outburst seeing as he felt the need to defend his words.
He told me about the one he's seen in Russia about how her beauty and magic had given the king of Russia good fortune against the mutiny in his land. As this intrigued me I gave him the gold he needed for the woman to find him appealing and left to my ship to reflect on the truth it may have.
after searching along the Russian coast line I found exactly what I wanted to know and that was the legend goes that who ever possesses the mermaid will give that person what they want in due time but the catch is you have to catch one as a child so that it doesn't have the capability to kill you yet
the king had posed the mermaid as one of his daughters, smart man
"So my Quest begins... Princess Anastasia"


Angel puts her clothes on as she hides the only bit of woman she shows under it. She strapped her boots on and walked out on deck seeing her crew coming in with their winches for the night with rum in hand. They pause as they see me up at the wheel, "Gentlemen escort your women off my woman we're setting sail now"
without question they go right to work reading for the sea this was the first time captain Angel ever had an actual destination.
To take the Russian jewel Princess Anastasia.

(open to one girl, must be the mermaid remember princess Anastasia is a Russian princess, her age is around 16 years old and my character captain Angel is 22.
please be descriptive at least two action sentences per reply and no text talk nor emojis.
can go romance, Please be mature)
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+Nky Stephy  Same
we were roommates and i had always had a crush on you but was too shy to say. So when we where listening to music together,i started of thinking of ways i could tell you as i nibbled on some pocky ((open rp))

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27: I activate a Yuri Bubble over here as I couldn't stand myself only  seeing the Yaoi Posts

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Hi everyone I'm called Madoka Kaname 27 The Second aka 11syphj11 The First
70% Lesbian 25% Bi 5% Pansexual
I Like and Love Gays, Lesbians, Trans (Both Genders), Futa, Shemales, Asex, Loli, Shota, Oppai, Pansex and Mostly all Girls
I have little interest on certain Straight Boys.
Otaku, AntiSocial. I love all Hentai.
Number 27.
I can Do Yuri RP. PP me for Yaoi sorry.

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+Kane Maxuis this is Nico. Well how he looks in my mind

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I am gray Fullbuster appear on house. I work out my muscle Need one or two girls

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Shingeki no Kyojin
Levi X Erwin
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