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How to plan awesome lifelong memories for your kids?

Your kids deserve an awesome experience with you that they will always remember — especially if they make the school honor roll repeatedly, exhibit sportsmanship on the playground and remember to thank Grandma for her birthday check without being prompted. Your plans for a summer travel destination start with choosing Escape Away Belize on Ambergris Caye island.

Get creepy and crawly. Your kids will want to meet Belize’s most exotic critters, so ask the folks at Escape Away Belize to book your party on day trips that showcase the nation’s wildlife. No fair making decisions about where to go: let the kids decide whether they can’t live without seeing infamous howler monkeys, slithering crocodiles or gentle manatees. You know your kids. They’re going to say “Yes, please” to all of them, so ask staff to pick a knowledgeable guide to take you out so the kids can question him or her more expertly than a quiz show host.

Pair fun with learning. Emulate the family visiting the Garifuna village of Seine Bight who treated their kids to drumming lessons. Belizeans in Seine Bight are delighted to lead kids in some heart- and finger-pounding fun, and your children won’t have a clue that they are also learning about the area’s history and culture. Explore markets and let the kids pick a place to eat. If they refuse what’s served, remind them of who chose the venue!

Stay active. Thanks to Escape Away Belize you and your little travelers can explore all points on Ambergris. Rent bikes for everyone, grab kayaks to accommodate your family group (both are free for guests, by the way) and devote plenty of time to the ocean. Head for SanPedro town after a full day on premises to explore eateries that expose your kids to ethnic cookery. If a child shows an interest in how food is prepared, ask the chef if your child can peek into the kitchen.

Experience the reef. You don’t have to snorkel if your kids are too little, but if they’re good swimmers our manager Carlos is happy to help you with snorkeling instructions. Your surprise vacation could turn into the most amazing experience of all when kids glimpse exotic and wonderful coral configurations that resemble planetary surfaces. Identifying fish species is another fun activity—particularly if you bring a kid’s book on tropical fish that focuses on the waters around Ambergris. One warning: the occasional child has spotted lobsters in the wild and refused to eat one at the dinner table. More than one little vegetarian has enjoyed Escape Away Belize!

Cave in to both of these requests: “Please, please, Dad, can we go caving?” and “Mom, let’s go to the jungle!” Both day trips are do able thanks to Escape Away Belize that take you and the kids to both environments on one- or multiple-day excursions. Jungles and caves are both close-by and can be paired with tours of ancient Mayan ruins that will evoke enthusiastic responses when the kids find out they could spot skeletons. Jungle trips can include swimming and caving as well. Need we add the ultimate kid-driven activity of cave tubing?

Snag this terrific deal: You are happy to let kids make decisions as teachable moments. Our team is happy to make your booking arrangements with you and doing everything but spread jelly on your kids’ new meal favorite, grilled lobster. The Escape Away Belize family package provides everything a family of four requires to holiday in the lap of luxury, including adventures described - meal plans, tours and ground transportation, taxes, service fees and more starting at $6,750 USD per week, this package is the deal of a lifetime. Your job is to herd the kids onto the plane. Our job is to do everything else so your entire family returns from Belize with a lifetime worth of memories.

For more information about traveling with kids in Belize , feel free to contact Or perhaps you would like to call toll free from the US or Canada: 1-888-355-4647

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