Hi, my name is Monica a Im new to blogging. and Im looking for other sunday school teachers that I can share my ideas an learn new ideas  : ) 

Hello Teachers,

I am a Bible teacher in Hong Kong and looking to share teaching ideas and would love to share via Hangout with my class, anyone interested?

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How would you respond if Jesus asked you to do the following?
I want you to quit your job and open a towel shop in town, called Divine Towels. In the store, I want you to wash the feet of people who are in need of all types of healing. If people have childlike faith and abide in me completely, I will allow my disciples to be a branch off my vine. While people have their feet washed, I will heal them in different ways according to My will. Some may be healed of their physical ailments or could be healed in other ways: being blessed with spiritual gifts and being empowered through the Holy Spirit to do mighty works or walking away feeling an overwhelming peace. Others will think differently and will have the ability to come up with unique solutions to complex problems.
I do not want you to charge people for the healing. However, you may accept donations for all services rendered. Do not worry about how you will run the store or pay the bills. Leave the details to me. I will be with you and will show you what you need to do. At first it will be difficult, but if you trust me and do as I say, I will bless you and you will see that the business will thrive."
To purchase this book or to read a preview, please visit http://www.amazon.com/Divine-Towels-Beau-Jason-McGlynn/dp/1475093829/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1353096383&sr=8-1&keywords=divine+towels

Any sunday school teachers here? 
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