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Welcome to the inventive high school for demons! Here we try to break your demonic child's good spirit and toughen them up for the demon-hating world!





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||Demon Type Template||

Demon Name: Ahriman Trigor-son

Description: Crossbreed of a Devil Demon and Superior demon. His father being the brother of Satan and mother being half Superior Demon, his true form is that of a Devil while his humanoid is that of a Superior Demon.

Humanoid Form: Pale skin (grayish), red eyes.

True Form: Black devil horns, an extra pair of red glowing eyes, and a wide, devilish grin along with other devilish features.

||OC Template||

Name (given by his mother): Elliot Knight

Name (given by his father): Ahriman Trigor-son

Birthday: Oct. 31

Age: 18-19

Species: Elliot is a crossbreed of a Devil Demon and Superior demon. His father being the brother of Satan and mother being half Superior Demon, his true form is that of a Devil while his humanoid is that of a Superior Demon.

Personality: As a first impression, Elliot is seemingly emotionless, intelligent, studious, and sarcastic. He can always come up with a smart remark, specifically in reply to most bothersome peoples’ antics and attempts at humor. His appearance and attitude appear to be that of a typical modern goth teen. Emotionally-restrained, appearing secretive and distant, Elliot spends most of his time by himself, usually listening to heavy metal on his phone or reading one of his numerous books. Gradually, if only slightly at first, he seems to warm up to people he eventually feels comfortable with. After warming up to someone, he may seem teasing or mischievous, but still does not show a great deal of emotion. It is difficult for him to build trust for anyone, and even more difficult to truly forgive if that trust was to be broken.

Likes: Darkness, reading, depressing cafés, horror movies, places considered ‘creepy’, chess.

Dislikes: Loud or nosy people, bad jokes, loosening up in general.

Physical Appearance: Untrimmed, tousled, raven black hair (length in picture); very pale, almost gray, skin which makes his appearance somewhat demonic; athletic build and toned muscles; crimson red eyes. Overall, his appearance is dark and mysterious, and has a certain air of power to it.

Lifetime Goal: To keep away from his father, and live his life however he wishes.

Skill: Stealth, athletic skills, dangerous hand-to-hand combatant, broad understanding of technology, superhuman condition, multilingualism (fluent in English, German, Latin, Romanian, Ancient Sumerian, and Sanskrit).

Powers: Psionic abilities, empathy, advanced telekinesis, telepathy, thought projection, spiritual powers, astral projection, soul-sealing, magic powers, spell-casting, healing magic, advanced knowledge of mystical artifacts, charms, and spell books, dark magic, light magic telekinetic spells, pseudo-intangibility, elemental magic (namely dark/shadow magic), necromancy, time immobilizing, advanced knowledge of runes, teleportation, portal generation, levitation.

Family: Powerful demon lord Trigor (father), Angelica Knight (mother), Satan (uncle - "evil incarnate").

Friends: None

Crush: None

Illnesses: None

Allergies: People with a lame sense of humor (not literally, but that's basically it)

"Quotes": "Is there a point in living a life of comfort when you are always pursued by enemies?"
"Expect the unexpected."
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||OC Template||

Full Name| (Female) (OC #2)
Birthday| December 24th (Age 16)
Type| Poltergeist

Personality| Playful, quirky sense of humor, crazy, misunderstood, and spoiled
Likes| Purple, frilly dresses, dark colors, old movies, horror, silk, and boots
Dislikes| Obnoxious people, gaukers, the basment, and red
Appearance| She's 5"11 with white hair and dark purple eyes, her skin is ivory-pale, and she likes gothic clothes

Lifetime Goal| Idk
Skills| Witchcraft/Sewing/Shopping/Acting
Powers| Shadow bending/Can turn tangible and invisible

Family| Unknown
Friends| None
Crush| None

Illnesses| Schizophrenic
Allergies| None

"Quotes"| "......."

[OPEN] +Fredrick The Great's Sidekick

Silvana walks down the halls of the demonic school and sees you Still making her

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||General Info||

Name: Basa Navoke.
Nickname: BB ((Call her that and you get slapped))
Gender: Female.
Age: 17
Species: Aqua Demon ((It's currently not on the list, but it has been approved))
Birthday: April 23rd.
Year: 3rd ((She got in a higher grade with her intelligence))


Height: 5'6.
Weight: 110 ((Without tail, when she has legs)) 135 ((With tail))
Hair Color/Style: Long, light blue, wavy, the front strands of hair are braided with dark blue ribbons.
Eye Color: Light brown.
Extra: Her fins are a light lake foam green.

||Behavior Info||

Personality: Smart ass, sassy, sweet to those who deserve it, can be gentle, outgoing.
Likes: Being with Bura, the water, swimming, being in her bikini.
Dislikes: Extreme heat, being dry, being mistreated.
Fears: Losing Bura.
Wishes: To make sure Bura stays safe, and to become the most powerful she can be.

||Relationship Info||

Friends: She currently has none, except Bura.
Enemies: Anyone who tries and take her love, the heat.
Crush/Lover: _Burakku +Doggo Kuudere _
Family: None, she hatched from a spawn egg...
Pets: Currently none.


Skills: She is an excellent swimmer, and she's also pretty good with children. If that's a skill.
Weapons: She has her tombstone ((It was next to her when she hatched, she can't understand what it says)) She can use it to summon water minions ((They mainly comes in the form of water serpents)) They are made of almost completely water, and some black magic. They only last a certain amount of time and the more she summons the more energy it uses.
Powers: As I said before, she can summon water demons. But only with her Tombstone. She can also control water and change the temperature. That's only with bodies of water. She also has Hydrokinesis which is the power to control, create and manipulate water. ((She can't change the temperature of this water, it depends on her mood. She also doesn't have much control over it))

||Extra Info||

Other: The outfit she's wearing in the picture is her formal wear.
Other: She only has the arm fins when she gets her tail.

((I'm only doing this so I can better describe her demon form))

Name: Aqua demon.

Description: These are demons of the sea. They can control water nearby them and change the temperature of it and such. These demons are known for creating storms at sea, and can create large, powerful hurricanes when wanted ((Only in demonic form, and at a ocean or large body of water))

Humanoid Form: It's in her picture. Except, the picture is when she has her tail. The only thing different when she has her legs is that she doesn't have the arm fins, nor the tail.
True Form: It's in the second picture.
~Basa Navoke~
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Emberlyn is at her locker, grabbing a few books
+Gɨռɢɛʀ Tɦɛ Kɨtsʊռɛ
(Open Rp)

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||General Info||

Name: Kloe Muffin
Nickname: Muffy
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Species: Hypia Demon
Birthday: 3rd August
Year : 1st


Height: 6ft 4
Weight: ???
Hair Color/Style: Black & long
Eye Color: Brown

||Behavior Info||

Personality: Kinda shy but is comfortable around ppl who are kind to her
Likes: all the usual stuff like reading, music and writing
Dislikes: Bullies, metal and non fiction books
Fears: Death
Wishes: To grow up to be the most kind and helpful person

||Relationship Info||

Friends: none yet; just starting
Enemies: none yet
Crush/Lover: none yet
Family: sister
Pets: none


Skills: can read really fast
Weapons: none
Powers: needs to discover them first

||Extra Info||

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||General Info||

Name: Emberlyn Marie (The name meaning for Emberlyn is 'beautiful darkness' so I thought it fit this rp)
Nickname: Ember
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Species: Superior Demon
Birthday: August 20th
Year : 1st


Height: 5'8"
Weight: 100lb.
Hair Color/Style: pic
Eye Color: pic

||Behavior Info||

Personality: Observant, Intelligent, Quiet, Defensive, Honest, Helpful
Likes: Books, Magic, Darkness
Dislikes: Bullies
Fears: Confrontation
Wishes: Stronger

||Relationship Info||

Friends: None yet
Enemies: None
Crush/Lover: None
Family: A mother who is a superior demon and a father who is a demonic demon
Pets: A Raven named Nightwing


Skills: Solving puzzles
Weapons: A black dagger
Powers: None

||Extra Info||



Name: Superior Demon
Description: Pale skin, brown wings with 6ft wing span, unnatural eye colors, intelligent
Humanoid Form: Pale white skin, tall, average build, silver eyes.
True Form: (Like demon form) Pale skin, sunset orange eyes, brown wings, average build.
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||General Info||

Name: Novack (I just spamed letters to get dat name :P)
Nickname: Nova
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Species: death demon
Birthday: Dec 24
Year : unknown


Height: 5 feet and 7 inches
Weight: (I have no idea)
Hair Color/Style: a grayish white
Eye Color: black and red
Extra: she all ways has majestic black angle like demon wings

||Behavior Info||

Personality: nice, evil, shy, outgoing to her friends.
Likes: blood, pizza, choclate, killing stuff
Dislikes: romace, babys/little kids
Fears: death, demon hunters,
Wishes: to become friends with the humans

||Relationship Info||

Friends: no one yet
Enemies: no one yet
Crush/Lover: none
Family: dead/ hate me
Pets: a small baby dragon called a wyvern


Skills: can do parcore
Weapons: a magical staff
Powers: invisibility, some spells

||Extra Info||

Other: her dad is dead and her mom hates her
Other: her only sister forgot who I am
Other: she is obsessed with choclate and pizza

Demon stuffz

Name: Nova
Description: I dunno
Humanoid Form: (like almost everything above :P)
True Form: dark red angle like demon wings, black horns, where's a caped-hood/cloak, black eyes
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