RP Tip #4: Run on sentences are not fun at all! Here's how to keep your posts from giving people headaches.

Use commas, please! For example instead of talking like this and using no commas and using a bunch of ands and not ending my sentence

Let's fix that sentence.

For example, instead of talking like this, that is, using no commas, I choose to pause with commas. I try to avoid using too many and's, then stop with a period, and continue my thoughts in another sentence.

Questions? Comment below!

RP Tip #2: Want to use a different site for your rp than the one you're advertising on? Make sure you include the site you want to use and how to find you one it in every advertisement! People like to know these things from the get go.
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RP Tip #3: It's always disappointing when you make a group rp on a site, only to find out it is either completely public or completely private, and not to your liking. From personal experiences, here are some info about site that host rps, and hopefully this will let you know what you're getting into!

PaigeeWorld: This site hosts plenty of rps, though the site is art-based. You will be expected to draw your characters! Also, there is NO private message or private group system, making rps completely public. However, people that want private groups on there most often use the Line messaging app.

Discord: Not used too often for rps, since it's mostly for gaming, and it is also a completely private group system.

Geeking: A very popular rping site, and the system is both private and public. However, it is not a kid-friendly environment, so be warned.

Kik: Very popular for rps due to it's link to Geeking, and it is also a public and private system. It's easier to avoid non-kid friendly content as well, but it is still there, and all depends on the people you let into your groups.

Have any more sites for rps, and useful info about them? Comment below!

RP Tip #1: If you're strict about grammar, you can keep people writing more literately by allowing a specific style, which I call "story style". What this means is that people must write complete sentences to describe their action, and using dialogue for speech. This gets rid of posts that consist of only runs towards him or other incomplete sentences surrounded by asterisks.
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