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Kevin Barry

Changelog (DONT POST)  - 
#materinova.24 March 26, 2015

Full Material Design
- All settings screens and dialogs are material style
- More animations
- Google Search from the search bar shows as an overlay
- Edit Shortcut dialog, and quick menu, tinted based on colors of the icon
- New icon
- New Nova Action icons

Rebased on top of Launcher3
Individual icon layout settings (size, font, etc) in Desktop, Drawer, Dock, Folder
Max icon size boosted to 150%
Widget Search
Pull to search (pull down in the drawer to open app or widget search)
Widgets given their own drawer, removed from App Drawer
Ability to change Page Indicator color
Drawer Tab Bar completely optional

Support for Android for Work managed profiles (Lollipop)
Workaround Expand Notifications Nova Action not working on Samsung Lollipop
Requires Android 4.1 or higher (Dropped support for Android 4.0 ICS)

Unlimited desktop pages (previously limited to 9)
Easy add/remove of desktop pages by dropping icons on the blank page, or removing all icons from a page
Add blank desktop pages (for gestures or live wallpapers) from overview
Improved bulk edit of folders (Folder > Menu > Select Apps)
Added shadows to unread badges
Unread Badge size scales with icon size
Allow reordering drawer folders by drag/drop within window
Added Roboto-Medium font option
Improve handling of apps installed to sdcard

Fix dock padding
Fix haptic feedback on drawer icon
Fix folder not respecting label size
Fix FCs

Improve gesture detection
Fix Isolate tabs
Fix extra padding above dock
Fix opening folders from list style drawer
Fix FCs

Adjust drawer and folder padding
Make search overlay optional (disable for google now and app/contact results) (Look Feel - Search as overlay)
Fix keyboard not showing with app search (?)
Fix custom titles not saving
Fix wipe effect with margins in portrait
Fix honeycomb searchbar apps button on 10" tablets
Fix resetting app drawer icon
Adjust HTC KitKat navbar transparency shadows
Fix home button not dismissing app search
Added translations

Tune swipe gestures
Restore legacy menu button functionality
More clearly label shortcuts in widget drawer
Improved handling of apps on sdcard
Fix FCs

Fix FCs
Updated gesture icons in Nova Settings
Fix back button not showing in Nova Settings
Fix some widgets not showing in drawer

Fix bug that can cause desktop contents to be lost
Fix FC

Minor visual updates
Fix folder preferences not taking affect immediately
Fix theme list not loading until touched
Fix desktop scroll effects in landscap
Fix drawer transition not respecting animation speed
Additional fixes for app on sdcard
Adjusted folder padding when icon labels are hidden
Fix remember position in drawer
Fix dock not returning to default page
Improved performance for some device configurations

Fix FC when animations are disabled

Fix for apps on sdcard shortcuts not persisting on some devices
Fix desktop shadows disappearing
Fixes for RTL languages
Updated translations

Setting for Dock Height Padding
Two line labesl (Uncheck Icon Layout > Single-line)
More granular control over icon label size
Fix custom drawer icons not sticking in some configurations

(May take a few hours to appear on your Google Play)
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Older Versions:
Latest Stable APK: 3.3 Dec 1, 2014

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Is it possible to turn off the screen without adding an turn off screen app? Perhaps dubbeltap on the screen in gestures to turn off?
Is it just me or are the widgets missing in the app drawer? They used to be there, right? I only have apps there, no widgets. CM12 nightly on Samsung Galaxy S5. Any hint appreciated.
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Thanks guys. I'm not the only one then ;)
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Andry Me

Screenshots, Wallpapers and Icons  - 
My homescreen with click UI icona and zopper widget
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Finally the App in sd are there when turn on the smartphone. But now there is that the icons on the desktop are smaller than before (in materinova 23 was better this). 
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Lol.. Thanks anyway 😊👌
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Sergio Hidalgo

Discussion  - 
Hello my English is so painful translator helped me. A dark interface please and how to adjust the wallpaper I do not like the way I prefer the version 3.3. A greeting
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It's not 100% understandable.

What's your original language?
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Michal Kubac

Screenshots, Wallpapers and Icons  - 
Last update (few minutes ago) reduses very much ability to resize / oversize icons on home screen.Since last update it worked with 9x5 grid oversized up to 140%...maybe more, and now it is only 110% max.
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#materinova24 running great. One slight annoyance, I have 3 dock pages. Whenever I leave the home screen and return my dock is always back to the middle dock page. It used to stay on the last current dock page that I was on. Am I overlooking a remember dock position setting? Or is this be design? If it's by design, please allow us to change this behavior so we don't have to perform extra swipes.
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For me, it appears that after this update my Note 4 on 5.0.1 lost the left soft key and the multi window and my S-Pen menu. I have not installed anything before or after this latest update.  I have cleared cache, restarted, etc. 
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William Alequin

Screenshots, Wallpapers and Icons  - 
Just finish setting up my home screen. I had to restore my beloved Nexus 5, and this is the result. 
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Justin Verdugo

Discussion  - 
+Kevin Barry, beta .24 is great! Would it be possible to add the option for haptic feedback on long presses? Would you also consider adding the option for a dark material theme? Oh also, would you consider adding the ability to change the color of the theme on the desktop when icons are pressed or when a screen reaches the end of scrolling the desktop screens, could we have the option to edit the colors of the shading like it was in the 3.3 stable release? Thanks so much for the great updates.
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Yes please to dark theme! 
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I like the new 2-line labels. It fixed an unfortunately funny label truncation for one of the tools I use. 
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The future is here, guys
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Nova Launcher Material Design (#materinova23 Update):
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Wayne Harries

Screenshots, Wallpapers and Icons  - 
Wayne Harries originally shared:
Nexus 5,
Stock Android 5.0,
Nova Launcher 9x7,
Big thanks to +Max Mac​ for the wallpaper, link to wall

Big thanks to +Tha Muthafuckin BEARD​ for Zooper Widget

Big thanks to Ryan McCarthy for his Planate Icon's, link to icon's

Currently testing out Screener App still in Alpha mode

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On setting the homescreen grid to 7 (rows) X 5(columns), the icon size available is reduced to 114 % max. I have already disabled labels, it says that I should reduce the grid. This issue has appeared in beta 24. 
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Why the background of App Drawer doesn't look WHITE when background chosen color is white?
I've reported the matter fee times earlier also. 
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Erik Blue

Discussion  - 
Is it a glitch that i can only scale my home icons to 89% with the new update? But my dock icons scaled to 130% come out especially blurred? Everything else seemed to be improved from first version though. 
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Same with me here!
Before The update today my home icons were much bigger. Now i cant increase The size anymore.
The Text says i should increase The numbers oft rows or cols.
But thats no Option!
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Kevin Vesga

Discussion  - 
I don't know if it is intentional but using the new double line for text labels makes all labels use two lines even if it doesn't need it. Here is an example folder with all short names:
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Clear your notifications and update your phone
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Azri Zaim

Discussion  - 
Dont u guys think the search bar is kinda too big? The KitKat search bar is ok in size. 
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+Kevin Barry​ matrinova 24 thank you for the dock height padding! This beta is looking great.
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Александр Ч.

Screenshots, Wallpapers and Icons  - 
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