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Hey everyone! Don't forget that the last discussion for the Keys to Planning is tomorrow at 9 PM EST! We're talking Curriculum Design and will address (some) of the following concepts:

*How do we design curriculum to foster enduring understandings and meet the needs of 21st century learners?
*How do you share your goals for enduring understandings with your students?
*How do you effectively spiral your curriculum?
*What are your must-have components of a curriculum document?
*What about grammar?

RSVP here!:

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Join us for the fifth and FINAL #langbook  discussion on The Keys to Planning For Learning, Curriculum Design.

Tuesday, August 2nd @ 9:00 PM EST.

Would any of you be willing to share examples of essential questions that have worked well for you and your students? I'm trying to get better at these, and I find it helpful to see others' examples. Thanks! :)

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A quick preview of the questions for tonight's Hangout on Chapter 2 of Keys to Planning for Learning: Unit Design

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Join us for our first Hangout July 5th at 9pm ET! Make sure you've read the first chapter of Keys to Planning for Learning!

Hey everyone!

I'm a Spanish 1 & 2 teacher and I'm looking for a digital source of some good authentic videos. This can be free videos or a paid source. Please share what work well for you! Thanks!

Okay.  I know this is very short notice, but I need some help/ideas/suggestions.  We are trying to overhaul our curriculum and are working on moving towards Comprehensive Input and away from a textbook style of teaching.  However, we don't know what we want our goals to be for each level of Spanish. Anyone have some ideas or outlines they would like to share?  
This wasn't a problem until we were suddenly told we had a vertical alignment meeting tomorrow, in the middle of the year, and oh yeah, I am supposed to lead it.  And also, I won't be there.  haha it's been an interesting week. 

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Does anyone have a great lesson plan for martes 13 next week?  I need ideas.  I have this reading, I need an activity.

Seeking suggestions for the best interpersonal recording apps/tools where teachers can send out a question or prompt, and students can record their voice using their iPad. Then, student send their response back to the teacher electronically. Some have used Croak.It, Vocaroo, Google Voice, and others have had students record using the Educreations or Explain Everything apps. What is your Go To tool for use with iPads? FREE, too. Thanks! #sdww   #edtech   #langchat  

Question from a Teacher of mine and I am looking for suggestions. We are 1:1 iPads. "I would like to record some questions for my students to HEAR and then allow them to record an answer.  Is that possible?" Any suggestions? She says she has used Google Voice before. Thanks in advance!
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