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Hello, music producers, DJs, sound engineers, and musicians, my name is Dan, and I have been producing electronic music for more than five years. Sorry for self-promotion and advertising, but I guess it can be useful for musicians. Today I would like to present you a "Good Musician" app (that was made by a team of electronic music producers, DJs, and sound engineers around the world). It is a free offline dictionary of all music production words, audio engineering terms, DJ slang, EDM genres, sound effects, types of synthesis and sound waves, sampling forms, compression, reverb, ADSR, EQ, distortion, delay types and so on. In other words, it is a dictionary (with easy search and navigations) of all the most relevant and important words and definitions in the world of music creation. The app is 100% free, offline, 1.5 MB only, without any paid content and without any advertising. The link below is on PLAY MARKET, not on some strange websites.
Thank you for attention.
P.S. For now, it's just for Android, for IOS will be in a couple of months.
P.S.S. You can support us and put a high mark on play market) Thank you.

I think Dubturbo is an inexpensive way for creative people to customize wicked, studio quality beats but I am interested in what others have to say about this? feel free to comment
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