hi everybody my skype is jeffsr-sting

I am sorry that this has dropped off to zero, this is something that I ddn't want to happen. The thought here was to share, but joining on skype in realtime conversations became more convenient, Still I wish that you would share information on marketing and you thoughts here. 
Thank you for your involvement here, I will be in here more often now,

Hi Gang. Just trying old things in new ways, still doing extensive mailing in free safelists and now have 16 referrals. anyone here know how to possibly promote certain lists to specific countries?  like US and Canada only?  
I  know that's probably impossible but worth asking anyway.

Hello everyone!! Just started the 10k Challange

Some motivation for your day!

Moving slowly but surely- creating tabs for safelist. FOCUS - FOCUS!

Got paid today :) i love it

Hey Lee, thanks for the invite.

Love the 10K so far, have 5 referals and about to move to phase 2, anyone else in phase 2 yet?

Hello ya'll, Just popped in to say glad to be here, Have added  few of you to my circles, though I am just learning the google format. Hope that we can have some fun and share all good things here.

Thank you Sophia, wanted you to know that on firefoz I created bookmark folders and put the login pages to each type of safelist and how often you can post them, you can then log into groups of safelists together and post one after the next in succession. It goes real FAST.
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